Evil woman



Her soul is black.

Here comes another panic attack

My body is shaking uncontrollable

how could I have been so gullible.

I was in denial of the truth

So she happily gave me the proof.

Feeding my ego every day

Just so she could take it all away.

Mindgames is her specialty

Leaving me in need of therapy

No guilt or remorse for the things she did

Leaving me to feel like a scared little kid

I’m begging you to show me mercy

Can you please stop trying to hurting me.

Took my love and turned it to pain

Memories of you are tattooed in my brain

Not sure why I even care

Not like I have any more fucks left to spare.

Wasn’t enough stabbing me in the heart

You Had to twist and rip it apart.

But there is only one thing that you forgot

There is nothing you’ve done I can’t unknot

Time to get out of my bed and stand tall

You will not get the best of me, never will I fall

Loving you was a mistake I’ll never repeat

Taking back my life. I’ll print you the receipt

Did you forget the type of man I am?

I’ll Make the devil wish he never heard the name Sam.



  • Author: sam424 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 7th, 2023 22:12
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is for anyone that was in a relationship with a person that soul purpose was to take everything and leave you as a empty shell of the person you once were
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  • charles69

    great poem I can relate it Took me years to get loose from and over my second wife
    keep up the good work!

  • Rainbow

    Well expressed poem expressed your pain well .

    • sam424

      Thanks. surprisingly writing my pain down helped me in the healing process.

    • Bobby O

      There is nothing you’ve gone that I can’t unknot.
      Great line and descriptive in clever way. Love the phrasing throughout and theabsence of cliche’ formatting which I often rally against. Fresh voice.

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