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    — Funny story. I was in a bar two years ago and some fresh out of college broker/trader type guys got off the train and sat down for a drink and they overheard me reciting a list of embarrassing moments innCub’s history. Well they didn't like me talking bad about the Cubs and asked why I'm so bitter. I explained to them how the Cubs were such a laughing stock when I was young and I I asked them if they knew about the college of coaches. They said they did and I said "I'm surprised" and went on to mention that then they must obviously also know who the Coaches were, and I named three guys , Philippe Wynne , G. C. Cameron, and Bobby Smith. They nodded knowingly. About ten minutes later an old timer I knew asked why I pick on Cub fans so much. I answered and said it’s cuz Cub fans are so easy to lie to, and it’s so much fun to mess with them. For instance , I continued , those three guys I just named were the last Three Lead Singers of the Spinners. The whole bar laughed. I don't think those young guys liked me.

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