Give Into God


Give in to God, for He loves you,

Give in to God because Jesus died for you too.

Give in to the Lord above,

Surrender yourself to Him, specifically out of love.

His love guides us and steers our lives true,

He gives us His light and outshines the blues.

Give in to God, and trust in His perfect plan,

And He will multiply our blessings like the tiny grains of sand.

Give in to God, and He will provide for you,

Out of the perfect love that He has for you.



  • Author: BlessedbyGod (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 23rd, 2023 19:10
  • Comment from author about the poem: Give your life over to God; it doesn't matter what you have done or where you have been in your past; no one is perfect, and we all fall short of the glory of God; if you have fallen away from Him, it is ok to be angry, and it is ok to be hurt, I pray that you find your way back to Him before it is too late, are you an addict, or have you been one in the past, you can still come to the Lord if you are willing to change your life and lay it all at Jesus's feet, cry out to the Lord. You can be redeemed and brought to salvation. Give Him a chance to heal you and change your life
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  • ForeverJesus7

    I love this piece, my love. It is so true. Jesus loves us, and He is always willing to forgive us no matter what sin we have committed. I can tell that you have put alot of thought into this piece, as you do all of your poems. It is so well put together. You are such a great writer.
    Persistence is key

    • BlessedbyGod

      Thank you so much my love,your love and support means so much to me,
      I just wrote what the Lord puts into my heart

    • Goldfinch60

      I gave him a chance for many years but where was he when he took my wife into the realms of dementia and then took her life!!!


      • BlessedbyGod

        I understand that Andy,
        He was working on bringing you and your lady together,

      • orchidee

        It's a true write BC.
        'Altar calls' bother me though -
        what if I'm the only one not going forward? Or if I am the only one who does go forward? How embarrassing; etc.
        Of course it does not depend completely on 'going up to the front' in altar-call services.

        • BlessedbyGod

          All we can do is follow His plan and be our best selfs

        • orchidee

          KP's had an altar call - several botox calls too! She goes nearly every day to the clinic! lol.

        • Christina8

          Beautiful poem!

          • BlessedbyGod

            Thank you Christina,how are you and your husband doing

            • Christina8


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            • Zain Khalid

              Good Work!

              Blessed is the faithful in this nightfall.
              For his trust cures his darkest parts.

              • BlessedbyGod

                Thank you so much Zain

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