Dawning of Open-Sourced Inevitabilities

L. B. Mek


When they unleashed

Almost all of humanity’s entire worth 

In but a click of our ‘Google-iT’ trappings

Making autodidact sages of us all, overnight

It occurred to me, almost like

When a 2800 Chess GM, happens

To bait you with a ‘free’ piece

On that quicksand chequered board

Something, doesn’t quite add up


Even we pitiful Pawns of existence


Nothing, is offered for free in life


So then, behold

Open sourced A.I. as ‘their’ grand reveal

ChatGPT and all its descendants to come


Dawning of that illusive 

‘Fifth Element’

Coded, by fallibility’s fingers


When studying Computer Science 

I laughed out loud, even back then

See, they have courses on binding laws

Do’s and don’ts, literature 

Wishful hopes of controlling a species 

Whose penchant for self-annihilation 

Is surpassed by only an irrational zeal

To welcome its own subjugation state

Be it by fantastical deities or bank accounts


Thus we watch-on, entrusting

In Asimov’s Sci-Fi Robotic laws 

As mirages

While our impending technological implosion 

Is realised, faster 

Every few months, just as Moore’s law predicted 


Open source A.I.

In and of itself is just another obstacle 

Of propaganda scaremongering fallacy

For society to overcome, eventually 

Something like Crypto currency


No dear friends 

What’s truly sobering and horrific 

To contemplate 

Is that, they’re already investing 

In personalised, embedded A.I. 

To be marketed as a defence


Open sourced A.I.


Do you too, recognise a pattern

An insidiously depraved, trend

Categorising us all, collectively 

As mindless cattle, we herded fuel 

For capitalism’s callous reign


Paying rent to be caged in our rooms

Driven by fear of laboratory

Concocted, viruses

Then having conglomerates, force us

To pay for their vaccines, with tax hikes


Maybe, like a Coronavirus plague

Dictating a way of life, overnight

While those profiteering 

Politicians and pharmaceuticals

Smile, all the way to the bank

Skipping and frolicking, hand in hand


They did it with viruses, attacking

Our biological states

Now, with opened sourced A.I. 

They’re coming for our cognitive

Capacity, to think freely 


They want to put chips in our minds


They’re going to make us beg them

To do it


Can you feel, just how impossibly 


A future we’re free falling in-to

With eyes, shut-wide


I pity those generations to come, for our

Nihilistically, Apathetic 

Crimes, insuring a legacy of choice deprived 

Lives, for them…


Dear brethren, we must awaken! Please

Advanced technology, is a certainty

There is no need to fear it or dislike it

Yet we must be more aware of those

Recycled patterns, abused to herd us

In-to making choices, unaware

of their full, Repercussions

Brexit, needs to be an oddity

Not an event repeated every decade


Tis not too late 

For us, collectively 

To avoid this fate!



© L. B. Mek

January 2023


  • sorenbarrett

    L.B. or should I now call you Isaiah? Yes I have seen it too Ted Kaczynski was much more right than society wanted to believe. Much of modern technolgy has come from Sci-fi all the way back to Jules Vern. Are we becoming a part of the Matrix. It would appear so. Great write L.B.

    • L. B. Mek

      thank you kind friend, its kinda crazy
      to contemplate, yet still:
      (a little awareness, a tad inquisitiveness
      and the patterns utilised to make us feel
      inept, at life
      becomes so easy to recognise, to realise
      we're far from helpless, we need only
      disseminate our knowledge and believe
      humane goodness, will ever prevail
      over our self-hindering, fallibility!
      'They' too, are a part of us
      however vile their motives and actions
      still, we must fight
      keep alive our humane legacies
      only together
      can we survive: each other...!)
      but what do i know

    • crypticbard

      What a deadly cocktail: herding of humans, abuse and recycled patterns. Something dark and fearful looming before us.

      • L. B. Mek

        only it's not a scripted movie
        we may yet still, alter the path
        of that impending avalanche
        'in hope we entrust!'
        (thank you! dear poet
        glad you could relate)

      • Neville

        I often wonder where we would all be today if Nostradamus & Mother Shipton each sat down together with their lap tops open .. nice one Mek

        • L. B. Mek

          or the Oracle of Delphi, that would make it three
          on second thoughts
          Shakespeare may have foreseen
          such a scene
          Three 'witches' looking in to the future
          gleaning the onset of humanity's, endless:
          'Double Double, Toil and Trouble'
          how predictable, we be Hyung
          sorry for the long read
          thank you! for your wise words)

        • Fay Slimm.

          Loud applause LB. for this well researched and powerful outcry for more awareness of society's free-falling into a bleak future. Without even knowing it too if chips in minds reaches reality. That kind of dictatorship is beyond appalling so before it is too late everyone seeing it needs to stand up and be counted. Thanks dear poet friend for spelling it out so clearly.

          • L. B. Mek

            we're all in the same boat, dear Fay
            I truly value your interpretation
            utilising these scribble, as ammunition
            towards curating your preparedness state
            there is a poise
            in your comment, a wisdom of acceptance
            while stating our need to fight till the end
            a most powerful mindset
            that I too, strive to cultivate someday...
            I read and heed, thank you my friend

          • Doggerel Dave

            No wish to engage here Mek, but just to add that I've read it, appreciated it and taken it seriously.

          • 2781

            He that sits in the heavens shall laugh.

            • L. B. Mek

              (I hope not
              if there be an almighty, may it be
              residing in that all knowing gaze
              offering a path
              so we may amend our ways, before
              it's too late)
              thanks for commenting
              hope you liked the read dear poet

              • 2781

                I've enjoyed everything of yours I've read. I am not a poet, maths was my best subject and I only just passed. All work will be tested by fire, what we write, our true desire. It's there for all to see, my hope? Well, what will be, will be, a better world.

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              • NewWolf

                You too my friend are not sleep at all.
                "They're going to make us beg them to do it"
                I agree . this whole poem/letter says, There are woke people out there to me and I gotta say be safe out there. They're putting the crazy in plain sight now.

                • L. B. Mek

                  pure madness...!
                  thanks for the supportive comments, dear Poet
                  glad you enjoyed the read
                  please forgive my opinionated rant below
                  (we've got planned city segregations
                  on the way, now
                  15min planning directives, to insure
                  future generations
                  are socialist-enclosed, within their
                  covid, was just a beginning
                  what they have planned for our futures
                  is that true Plague, to be weary of...
                  Spring's on the way
                  they've yet to put a price tag on Nature
                  till they do
                  let's try to make the best of what we've got left
                  this ain't a war, we can win
                  unless we want to murder, dehumanise
                  our best friends, sisters and brothers
                  our differences
                  no longer have country borders
                  it's bedroom, to bedroom
                  may the universe have mercy on us)

                  • NewWolf

                    Amen, I agree 100% my friend.

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