October (between friends)


You hold my hand.


(Well, at least that’s how we say it goes—)


I type out plans, then go back

to fix the way it flows. I welter

for a way of being cool, captivating

give it all I’ve got in case it’s not

just fancy fabrication.

Can I say…


(just between friends?)


I lie awake and read back your words

when the conversation ends. I want the

ebbs and flows and brazen rhymes; I’d

take sleepless hours, toss and turn to have

all your thoughts intwist in mine—


Don’t let them let me go.


It’s late again.

And though time is kind of getting old,

I’ll romanticize it as I listen to a storm unfold

and I look at you in a pious hue; you know

I ache to crawl right through that screen,

to make it lead into a place where

you could touch me... yet


For a bold and brittle moment, 

I look out and dare

to the vapour and spray:

“come and take me away—”


Then it cracks.

But you’re still there, so I say

“Will you stay and watch it pour?”

“I’m not afraid of a little rain,

it’s just lonely on my floor…”


as all the dreams of October

bleed into just fallI want to climb

over an old garden wall where a

woodsman and bluebird would say

where to go, but I’m not a cartoon,

and that’s not mine to know, so


just tell me you want me.

I don’t need a dance—

I’ll write what I picture

and long for a glance

as I’m thinking—


(I’m thinking…)


forgot to

keep blinking,

just stared

to eternize this


  • Author: willowthewisp (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 13th, 2023 13:01
  • Comment from author about the poem: While this one now means something a bit different to me than it did when I wrote it (all the way back in November of 2021!), it is still very dear to me. I actually wrote it originally as a song and only recently modified it slightly to fit better into poetic verses, so if you catch the slightly funky rhythm and rhyming scheme, that’ll be why! If you’d like to hear the original song version, just let me know—I’d be more that happy to share:)
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  • hzugman

    Very nice thought poem. I. too. am into (amateur) music (as a pop singer). I have a youtube channel if you'd care to listen. https://www.youtube.com/@crooningoldman/videos

    • willowthewisp

      How lovely to meet fellow (amateur) musicians! I've just listened to some of your videos on youtube, and I love your duets with Sharon.
      Here are some of my recordings of this song--it's unfortunately in three parts (and two different keys!) as I hadn't finished writing it when I posted these videos--all part of the process I suppose:)

    • Bella Shepard

      Am I right, that in reading your poem I picture an online relationship? In my youth there was no internet, so this intrigues me, a totally different concept of realtionships which in my day could not have been imagined. I found it fascinating and would love to hear the original song version.

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