A Sane Fight.

Seba Qaddorah

Heart beats aggressively for a cause the mind no longer deems worthy, a detachment of desire and perceived duty,

In a moment of objective clarity, separated from lost passions and desires, regrets and daydreams, when the mind reassesses the wins, losses, pros and cons,

I realize the expense of redirecting my path is one I can no longer afford,

So, I surrender once again, the same way I did when I started this path, armed with what my calculations deemed safe and effective, fighting a fight that isn't mine, but one I have the greatest chance at winning,

while my passions are reduced to a factor in a settled equation, probably mis-quantified, for I’ve never learned to appreciate what I like,

but every now and then, when the fight is most bloody and sacrifices are to be put in place, I hesitate and I wonder, how much longer can a heart beat this aggressively and a mind work this hard when its fight is chosen this sanely?

  • Author: Seba Qaddorah (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 17th, 2023 17:43
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Myth

    It isn't a battle of struggle or surrender, it is just the norm of life, where the heart plays a random spontaneous melody and the mind remains checking the note over and over again trying to reach perfection. ..

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