Counting Sheep

Fay Slimm.



Counting Sheep.


Starting dawn-early in high country fields
search for lambing means folk,
asleep under snoring duvets must rouse
and yield to first birth-needs
before heading, quick coated from sleep
for cautious field-hunt
as motherly grunts hope warmth will clear
morning mist after night's
chilly effort to squeeze drop of new bleat.

Freshly-met woolly lamb scent greets day
to show darkness moves
pregnant ewes while as heaves disappear
farmers welcome birthed few 
by counting sheep but must leave further
numbers in good luck's keeping.

  • Author: Fay Slimm. (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 26th, 2023 02:44
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • orchidee

    A fine write Fay.

    • Fay Slimm.

      So glad you enjoyed the read dear friend.

    • Doggerel Dave

      For city folk (like me) the rural farmer's life is very hard to conceive of, Fay. But you do your best, and your best does it very well. Thanks.

      • Fay Slimm.

        How pleased I am that you found the piece interesting Dave - we sometimes dont realize at times when the season begins the farmers and families are up half the night helping new mothers and lambs.

      • Neville

        made me feel like visiting my friend who is a local shepherd .. so both me and him are grateful to you Fay .. x

        • Fay Slimm.

          Dear Nev - Give your shepherd friend a pat on the back from me who knows merely second hand what lambing can mean - -- bless ya and thanks for all your support...........x

        • Bella Shepard

          Dear Fay with the adorable pic, and your wonderful imagery, I can almost smell those high country fields. Years ago I had the privelege of seeing a farrowing barn full of piglets, only minutes old, and I've never forgotten it. I can only imagine the thrill of hunting for new life in those high country fields, and the dedication of those who sought them. This is such a beautiful spring piece, thank you.

          • Fay Slimm.

            Ah - I thought you may take to the picture as I did and thanking you Bella for sharing that moment of viewing new piglets and I agree we never forget what nature both needs and gives. Thanking you dear friend for the lovely comment.

          • hotidris

            Nice poem about the farmers welcoming birthed few by counting sheep.

            • Fay Slimm.

              Your visit and comment are much appreciated and am glad you enjoyed the read dear poet.

              • hotidris

                I really like reading your poems.

              • Michael Edwards

                Oh dear Fay - your (sheep) pen never fails - as always a read to savour..

                • Fay Slimm.

                  Love that you enjoyed the read dear Mike - am still smiling at your unique humour too.

                • L. B. Mek

                  your words makes me want to read James Herriot again
                  I think I will, this weekend
                  thank you! dear Fay
                  such a lovely picture as well

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