Save me - Daisie-Lyn Fuller

Daisie-Lyn Fuller

I like counting.
At first it was simply just numbers,
But as I grew older,
The topics I was counting became colder.
Carefully calculating how many calories I could consume,
Insisting I wasn’t hungry while my stomach yearned for food.
I’d rather starve.
I can’t eat.
Save me.

I like running.
I like the open air, the false sense of freedom,
He doesn’t let me out of the house much.
Trapped in an ornate cage,
I’m his play bunny, his cellmate.
And so I stay.
I can’t leave.
Save me. 

I liked parties.
Getting drunk with my friends,
Praying those nights would never end, 
And I’d walk home holding his hand. 
Now, it’s only him who can leave,
Deserting me in the process,
Only coming back when he wants my body.
I miss the taste of liquor.
I can’t do it anymore.
Save me.

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  • MysteryGhost

    This is a great poem! The repetition of the words "Save me" really help further the sense of desperation. The sense of being trapped and not being able to do what you want is an uncomfortable topic which really helps the poem. Stoatin' wirk!

    • Daisie-Lyn Fuller

      Thankyou so much! I wrote it from the perspective of someone trapped and I'm really glad that message shone through for you!

    • L. B. Mek

      (please forgive my overzealous words below
      try to imagine i meant well)
      control is a strange concept to contemplate
      we assume, love as having correlation
      with us sacrificing
      what control we have in our life
      it doesn't, it can never
      if you find your love
      is being manipulated as a tool of subjugation
      you need only realise
      'IT's NOT YOUR FAULT!'
      you did not Fail, in any way
      neither did you fail yourself or your partner!
      you chose, to Trust
      and that's commendable and brave
      and that partner, 'chose' to abuse
      that trust and warp your loyalty;
      dear Poet kin
      you do not need saving
      you need only forgive yourself
      remind yourself, you're only
      just another fallible human
      perfection is not something any of us
      can attain!
      so, please
      find your resolve
      look deep in that mirror reflection
      and remind yourself
      of that power you once, wielded
      in your life
      dig deep, excavate it
      from that cave you tried to hide within
      allow yourself, a little levity
      laugh at the absurdity
      of anyone making you feel
      like you're helpless, when within
      you wield enough power
      to shatter a heart
      in but an indifferent, blink...
      then gather your strength
      make your choice
      and once more walk that path
      where only, You
      get to control
      your perspective of life!
      stay strong,
      I wish you all the best

      • Daisie-Lyn Fuller

        I'm glad you read my poem, however it is more a metaphorical adorned cage full of mental health problems rather than an abusive relationship, thank you so much for reading!

        • L. B. Mek

          forgive me, I tend to get carried away
          and read people's art, too literally..
          thanks for sharing

        • Bobby O

          Starkly honest and inspires an almost visceral enjoined participation even though my immersion was only thirty seconds. That , my friend, is strong success of message.

          • Daisie-Lyn Fuller

            Thankyou! I'm really glad you enjoyed the poem, however dark or cynical the message is, I'm really enjoying writing this poem

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