Soliloquy of a Songbird


Chirping chorus 

Of mellow music

Chimes with the wind

Wafting across the wonderful world


Soaring,  sailing

In open blue skies

Flying, fleeing

From predatory eyes

Or recovering

From a broken wing

The song of a songbird

Is always heard 

  • Author: Poetic persona (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 7th, 2023 04:59
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Bella Shepard

    This poem is so beautifully descriptive of what I experience each day on my morning walk. The peace and quiet broken only by a songbird. Thank you dear poet!

    • thinkerbell

      Thank you dear poet 🥰

    • Parisab

      I identify with this bird! Great job, dear friend and poet!

      • thinkerbell

        Thank you dear poet😍

      • undreamed_friend

        This poem is so beautiful and I can imagine a clear picture in front of my eyes. Well written!!!

      • thinkerbell

        Thank you so much..I'm glad you liked it😍

      • Bobby O

        Why is it a wonderful world.? Maybe it’s more powerful if you set up that line w some justification developed in the lines previous?

        Chimes musically gift us w music lushly mellow that rides gently like natures perfect undulating tide over the chirps offered by birds perfectly unwrapping secrets of natures wind wafting in symc and this gravity defying ballet escapes into the backdrop of this wondrous world.

        I exaggerated the point but it’s important to offer proof and substantiate what we hold in wonder and not just say so.
        -BTW , I’m just sharing the wisdom of what I learned from somebody way smarter than me. I constantly fall into the same traps that dilute the power of our well thought plan.

        • thinkerbell

          Thank you for your advice . I'll surely work on that🥰

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