Free But in Chains

Iva Hotko

Image by the author



The thoughts would come,
easily and with despair
for freedom was a word 
that most of the world abused.

Free like a bird in a cage,
that was the overall feeling
these days.
It was like that for most of my life.

My sight was blinded 
by all the lies 
of how world needs to be,
and how I need to think.

We weren’t taught to question,
but to go with the flow.
No one taught us how to feel 
or deal with the world,
only to blindly follow the rules.

Freedom is the state of mind
for everywhere I look 
we are still in chains.


Most people choose slavery
over freedom every day
for they want to blame 
for this, that, and the other 
everyone else.

They know their rights
but refuse to take responsibility
for their actions.

Freedom is a choice
that comes with a price.
Everything in life is about 
the give and take balance.

But the society is teaching us
only to take,
for giving is for the weak.
Parents are teaching children
that nothing is their fault,
it’s the teachers who are unfair
for giving them bad grades.

Until we start taking responsibility
for everything we say and do
we are slaves to the society
that’s making us ignorant
towards the universe.


~ Iva

  • Author: Iva Hotko (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 18th, 2023 15:20
  • Comment from author about the poem: The poem was inspired by the photo here shared.
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Bobby O

    Hits harder than my first impression of the circumstance described and the best thing is I also salute any independent thought such as you describe. Nice

    • Iva Hotko

      Thank you, Bobby 🙂
      I'm glad that the poem resonated with you 🦋

      • Bobby O


      • Doggerel Dave

        Your slavery, conformity does allow the possibility to blame others for unfortunate circumstances, Iva and far too many take that option.
        There are however some few who are overwhelmed by their circumstances and really had no choice in the matter.
        Your piece does give cause for thought , and I'm by no means sure I've completely sorted this out.

        • Iva Hotko

          Oh, I agree, Dave many people are in the position that are deprived of make a choices of their own free will. Here I don't mean people who have mental or physical disabilities, but the ones that are deprived of their right to chose. But when we do have a choice and we decide we don't want to make one because it will take us out of our comfort zone, and yet we take the right to bitch about it, well then that is a problem.

          • Doggerel Dave

            Absolutely Iva - and I was pretty sure that is what you meant - however, as this poem and thread is open for anyone to read, I felt the need to make the situation clear.

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