A Wedding.

Doggerel Dave

Notice of absence from Doggerel Dave
Not absent - still here!
Keep Calm and Carry On Poeming. πŸ˜‚

When here Australia’s Prime Minister

And also the New South Wales Premier

Both attend the wedding of shock jock

Kyle Sandilands, there are many whom they mock.


The motivation can only mean votes.

(Other attendees, the media notes

Include nefarious characters too) –

I’m left with the feeling it’s all over, Blue.

  • Author: Doggerel Dave (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 29th, 2023 03:54
  • Comment from author about the poem: Not good poetry - but I had to shout out.
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 24
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  • sorenbarrett

    Politics, politics, money, votes, power, control, call it what you will, it is what makes the world go round. Just smile for the photo.

    • Doggerel Dave

      The truth in what you note is overwhelming, Soren - It is just that I can't bloody smile....

    • 2781

      No votes in them here.

      • Doggerel Dave

        By 'here' you mean?

        • 2781

          From me.

        • Neville

          Politicians kill more people per year than than drugs, alcohol, malaria and great white sharks .. They also tell more lies than most other so called professionals too ..

          • Doggerel Dave

            I have no doubt about that at all.
            The point I hope to make is - after the carnage is over, who the hell do I vote for? I had a small hope that as the new Labor (no spelling error) Governments, after years of incompetence and worse, were voted into power things might be different.........................

          • Goldfinch60

            There is nothing any of us can do to prevent these politicians doing things just to please themselves and blow the public who voted for them.


            • Doggerel Dave

              I'm too ancient to go on demos -and anyway there are less large ones than I remember. All I can do is vote, and I certainly won't be voting for the two major parties again.
              As per answer to Neville above.
              Anyway thanks for the sympathy vote - It is not good poetry, but I had to let off steam.

            • Bella Shepard

              Dear Dave I think we're all in the same sorry state of fatigue. Sometimes a break is in order to recover some bit of sanity. Take care and have a good R&R!

              • Doggerel Dave

                Thanks Bella - I spent too much time on MPS for sometimes little reward in terms of the material presented here. My irritation occasionally showed, particularly latterly. I pop in for a quick look but don't linger. Other aspects of my life are beginning to be in better shape.
                Take care of yourself - I'm still keeping an eye on youπŸ˜‡!!!

              • 🐀s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

                Woah prime ministers attending weddings to attain favour eh. Must have gone viral. An interesting poem fantastic to read. Kudos!

              • MendedFences27

                Symptomatic of the state of politics worldwide. Leaders who grift money and votes and care not about people.
                Well-spoken DD. - Phil A.

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