Friend You Haven't Met


Have you ever had a friend....
you may never meet?
But you find you trust them more
then the ones you know for real?
You don't know what they look like
maybe exotic
maybe normal...
or maybe not even there...

All you have is a feeling like...
you could trust them with your life.
And, if it's true...
that home is where the heart is...
then my home must be with you.
However, I don't know where you are...

My trust, my life, my heart
it's somewhere so I can't get to it.
I intend to find it someday
and in turn find you, my friend.
I must find you somehow.
You have my heart and soul
with you.

I feel like I'm lost....
maybe with finding you would come
finding myself as well? 
My trust has somehow been given
to someone I may never meet...
That's the fact that pains me most.

Why would this hurt so much?
After all, I've just said we may never meet.
But...the problem is....
I always keep my promises.
And I fear that...
I may have finally made one
which I can not keep.

However, I have also said that
I intend to find you.
So, cheers, my friend
that I may never meet.
I'm sure, one day, I'll pay you a visit.
There may well come a day when we meet.

But until then, cheers
to my friend I haven't met yet.
And don't give up yet...
not on your dreams
or on your life.
I'll always be there.
If not in person, then in spirit.

Raise a glass to us!
Until we meet
we'll have these words
never lost.
And if I can not keep my promise
I hope you shall forgive me...
because sometimes I promise things....
just beyond my reach.

Cheers to the friend I may never meet
I didn't think I'd ever have this trust
in someone I don't know...
but I suppose, in a way
I know you better
then my other friends.

I didn't think I'd ever be so close
to someone so far away.
But it seems like you're right beside me
each and every day.

And even if we never do
truly meet, in person
I promise you this
(And I know I can keep
this small promise to you...)
I will always be here
Oven if I can't be over there.

I can't think of anything else
that I can say to you.
Cheers to the friend
that woke me from my dream
and started a new one...
I hope we meet again soon
in our dreams...
because that may be the only time
we can meet for sure.
Even if we can't know for sure
what we see in our dreams
is what's's still some comfort.
Cheers to you

  • Author: PaperFlowerFields (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 6th, 2023 12:47
  • Category: Friendship
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