Bobby O

For fun and exploration of etymology Twice,I read this poem out loud with an opposite voice each time. 
First was a winsome whisper , and the phrases danced eagerly ,like a sexy tango toward the rhyme. 
HOPE with shy optimism breached and reached across a skipping reef . 
Carving sharply through all doubt.        and it was a satisfying belief.                     A mantra sent to serve for more and many days, forever a treasure with easy access to an on Demand, relief. 

Then opposite and starkly different was the VOICE OF A COMMAND. AN IMAGINED Authoritative figure delivered loudly, Attention stand! Each phrase, unloaded with a Practiced certainty , this metaphorical Roadmap , urgent with intensity .Follow, or risk that cruel distasteful trap,suggestive echoes of that booming voice knowingly seemed to foretell.  
A corralled distasteful failure, much like a visit to Dante’s regions of hell. “Win One For The Gipper” 
Like Rockne’s speech, a captive spell, or as a General would cajole and lead, from this Voice we listened and 
From this , we achieved. 
Bobby O

this piece inspired by Goldfinch60

  • Author: Bobby O (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 9th, 2023 18:52
  • Comment from author about the poem: Inspired by a piece by fellow poet Goldfinch60 Who wrote a piece that inspired.
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  • crypticbard

    Truly inspired! The concepts and the supporting thought and expression brings to life these two voices that we can meet even each and every day.

    • Bobby O

      Many thanks. It a departure from other stuff I’ve written. Took me awhile “to hear” it right.

    • myself and me

      It is such a fresh idea to try and you did it so beautifully. I am honored that you read my piece. Please accept my apology for such a late response. I have not visit here for quite a while. It is a pleasure to know you here. I enjoyed reading your poems. M.M.

      • Bobby O

        I love the brotherhood suggested in your words and I’m hoping we both are proactive and let it build and resonate.
        Thanks for the read and the response.

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