Changing roles


Amidst the vast expanse of sky and space,

A comet traverses with grace,

A fiery trail behind its tail,

A wonder to behold, a cosmic tale.


But when does it become a meteor,

A streaking flash of light and fervor,

A shooting star, a fleeting glimpse,

A moment's glory before it dims.


A candle flickers in the dark,

Its flame a tiny, fragile spark,

Yet with each passing hour it grows,

A beacon of hope, a source of glow.


But when does it become a blaze,

A raging inferno that amazes,

Devouring all in its path,

A force of nature, unbridled wrath.


A ripple forms upon the sea,

A gentle wave, a whispering plea,

A movement felt but barely seen,

A fleeting moment, a passing dream.


But when does it become a tidal wave,

A surge of power that cannot be tamed,

A force that shakes the very earth,

A tsunami of death, a catastrophic birth.


Reason is a voice of logic and sense,

A guiding light, a defense,

A tool to navigate this world,

A means to an end, a banner unfurled.


But when does it become the blame,

A weapon used to cause pain,

A shield for those who do wrong,

A justification for harm all along.


A child is born with heart and mind,

A creature of complexity, one of a kind,

With virtues and flaws, with hopes and fears,

A life to live, a story to hear.


But when does he become a monster,

A creature of darkness, a horror,

A perpetrator of evil, a sym

bol of hate,

A destroyer of life, a cruel fate.

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  • Published: May 10th, 2023 05:31
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Bobby O

    Questions are fine but without an attempt to occasionally at least try to answer , it loses my interest. Probably just me. And you should write as you like but I thought I’d share.

  • Ok Waleed

    Starts with A or B a lot

  • miheeheeka

    ok no i really really really like this one

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