Faces in Shadows

Keith Jeffries

Faces in Shadows In the furtive light of dusk,

blurred figures in constant motion.

Some homeward bound with purposeful gait of intent,

other lone figures who welcome the night delay.

Wandering with predatory delight,

who live on the fringes of light.

Day has gone yet they remain,

those few who are not the same

Light diminishes in intensity,

in a few it awakens urgent necessity.

They roam alone in the gloom

in search of a friend with a room.

Faces brush by with suspicious ease,

glances which betray a sensual tease.

Hands touch, expressions beckon,

often all is accomplished in a second.

Night seduces its predators on to secluded corners of fun.

Havens of passion, soon are reached

as fumbled gropings surge unleashed.

Bated breath with gasps of relief

done as if a skulking thief.

Moments too precious to secure,

times of heated passion do procure.

Soon to rejoin those with gait renewed,

to homes where nought is so lewd.

Nights of love hastily grasped,

now long since passed.

Replaced by neon lights now do lure,

have made the Faces more secure.


(A Cameo of gay life in the UK prior to legalisation)

  • Author: Keith Jeffries (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 16th, 2023 11:23
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Bobby O

    Really nice. “Purposeful gait of intent”
    “Welcome the night delay”
    What a cool way to evoke mood and motion bringing me to that point of the Eve. You have nice talent and an ability to combine phrase in a way I wish I could.

    • Keith Jeffries

      Bobby, Thank you for taking time to read this poem and your kind comment, all of which are appreciated. I am still new to the site and have more poems to submit. Thank you again. Keith

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