I Love You

Dev Parth

In the realm of love, where hearts collide,
A tender fire burns, impossible to hide.
It blooms like flowers in a garden of dreams,
A symphony of emotions, or so it seems.

In every heartbeat, a whispered refrain,
"I love you," echoes like a sweet refrain.
A language spoken by souls intertwined,
A love so pure, it's endlessly defined.

Through stormy nights and sunny days,
In every moment, in countless ways,
My heart sings melodies, only for you,
With every breath, my love rings true.

In your eyes, I find a universe untold,
A love story written in letters of gold.
Your touch ignites a fire within my core,
Forever and always, I'll love you more.

In laughter and tears, in joy and despair,
You're the solace that's always there.
Together we'll walk on this journey we tread,
With love as our compass, by your side, I'm led.

So here, in this verse, my feelings take flight,
Across the vast expanse of day and night.
With all that I am, with all that I do,
Know this, my love, I'm devoted to you.

I love you, my darling, beyond measure or weight,
In this poem of love, my heart does elate.
May these words be a testament, forever true,
To the depths of my love, only for you.

I hope you enjoyed this poem! If you have any other requests, feel free to let me know.

  • Author: Dev parth (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 18th, 2023 08:59
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 11
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  • Debake

    fingers, hands, and hearts intertwined as one
    love so strong, this time he's not gonna run
    and in turn, she doesn't feel the need for self-sabotage
    this time it's real not hidden, nor camouflaged

    they want to grow gray and wrinkled together
    to say the cliche I need, or I will love you forever
    to pack the kid's lunches or to the principal offices
    to pack the family up for those church services

    time flys and soon enough, those gray hairs arrived
    covered up with a hat or some dye, and your age denied
    wrinkles here covered up with makeup or existence refused
    till in the end, they accept that they are fragile and easily bruised

    though time seemed to have passed oh so fast
    they did seem to create a love that will last
    the deal was sealed with the first young call
    they made it work I guess it wasn't a cliche after all

  • Debake

    I loved your poem! and it inspired me to write this one.

    • Dev Parth

      It's good poetry. I like this brother ❤❤

    • Royce Earnest Rasmussen

      It's beautifully written. Well done, sir!

    • Royce Earnest Rasmussen

      It's beautifully written. Well done, sir!

      • Dev Parth

        Thank you 😊😊

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