Life’s the Journey we all make

ashok sawhny

I’m a fighter, a survivor

And, I like my odds,

I can never beat Life

But will run it to the end.


‘Tis a one- way street

No bets on return,

The end is the river

And the ashes in urn


But, why think of the end

It’s the same for all,

There’s a life to live, and

Off the cliff we all fall


Till then, we must climb

Slippages on the way,

From Sunrise to Sunset

Is a nice long day,


Night was made for sleep

For stars to shine and us to dream

So, as the day is all we have one at a time

Better Champagnes with Strawberries and Cream


Leave the wails and sighs alone

And, heart- rending cries aside,

Life’s the journey the living make

Let’s make the most of the pre-destined ride.





  • Author: ashok sawhny (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 24th, 2023 02:15
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Saxon Crow

    A very uplifting read AS. I enjoyed it immensely

  • Soman Ragavan

    My comments on the poem "Life’s the journey we all make” by Ashok Sawhny
    Very philosophical poem. It is true we can never beat life; we have to live it out. We have to leave our mark on this world and poets do it like no one else can. Poetry is immortal. Life is indeed a one-way street. There is no going back. Life has no eraser, no Backspace, no Delete buttons, no Undo, no Cancel. The end is the grave or the funeral pyre. Even the ashes will disappear with time. Only writings will remain.
    “A book is the only immortality.” Quoted in : Sam Phillips : "3000 proverbs." New Delhi : Goodwill Publishing House, c 2017. Full acknowledgements are made to the authors, publishers and rights-holders.
    Stumbling and falling are natural : we are meant to rise again and continue the struggle.
    Night has also been made so we can see the stars that remain outshone by the sun.
    A “pre-destined ride” : true, it has all been mapped out for us.
    Soman Ragavan. 24 may, 2023. //

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