In the Realm of Love

Mottakeenur Rehman

In the realm of love's tender embrace,
Where hearts dance and emotions trace,
Lovers etch their names in passion's fire,
Unaware of the fate they may acquire.

For destiny's tapestry, meticulously spun,
Rests not within the touch of a mortal's pun,
But in the hands of the Divine, it is writ,
A cosmic symphony, beyond human wit.

Yet to reshape one's fate, to forge ahead,
One must toil, with sweat and tears shed,
For hard work, a weapon mighty and true,
Can mend a heart and dreams anew.

But first, within oneself, love must reside,
An inner flame, where self-love does abide,
For when we love ourselves with compassion's art,
We unlock the power within our heart.

And through this transformation, we shall find,
Love's boundless reach, to all humankind,
No longer self-centered, but with eyes that see,
The interwoven tapestry of humanity.

For the chains that bind one, bind us all,
Each link a voice, a plea, a heartfelt call,
In unity, we rise, our spirits entwined,
Love's sacred journey, the path we shall find.

Oh, love, deserving of love's tender embrace,
A treasure coveted, adorning every space,
Its path, a prelude to a grander quest,
Where souls converge, by love's behest.

So let us heed this poetic decree,
Embrace self-love and set our spirits free,
For within ourselves, a love divine,
Shall lead us to a love that intertwines.

And in this journey, we shall find our place,
Bound not by names etched, but by love's grace,
For destiny's design, in God's hands, does reside,
As we surrender, love's tapestry unfurled wide.

  • Author: Mottakeenur Rehman (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 25th, 2023 03:41
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Goldfinch60

    Love is there for all of us Mottakeenur and I am lucky enough to have love to the full.


  • Neville

    Heart and soul meltingly good sir .. each stanza perfectly formed and pinned so precisely to the page ..
    top notch Mott ..... Neville 🙂

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