A simple look and eyes meet.
Wishing to taste his lips that seem so fiery sweet.
He looks down upon me.
I'm not what he needs.

I follow, I beg.
I want to know where this will end.
He'll pretend for me.
Unknown to him that I can see.

Our souls only connect in my bed.
I'm starting to realize I'm misled.
Naive girl, look at what you've done.
My heart has become undone.

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  • 2781

    Treat them mean,
    Keep them keen.

  • jarcher54

    You are not the first to have made this mistake... bittersweet and haunting.

  • Peter Gates

    We're but actors on a stage.
    We play no part as best we can.
    I have nothing left but rage,
    Searching for an honest man.

  • Bobby O

    That’s a good write. Was a nice enough read to draw me back to read again and andorf. A bit more. Great phrasing and a message of both pathos and stern reality. We walk that path and maybe we learn to SHRUG?

    • terriblesoul977

      I love ethos, pathos, and logos. I tell myself everytime this happens to just walk away but I do it again.. and again.

      • Bobby O

        Hit me back afyer you check the inbox. ??

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      • Poetic Dan

        Ha! Now that's keeping it real! How we have all walked this path or made that bed.
        It's so easy to take our clothes off but that's not what being truly naked is! Mind, body and soul all need to flow.

        Keep up the write

      • paperjam

        The contrast of your deep yearning for a profound, ethereal connection while acknowledging the fleeting nature of your intimacy with the line, "Our souls only connect in my bed." really conveys that stark realization, or even self-deception, from being reminded of the physical constraints of your relationship. I love it; a really well-done piece.

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