Her reflection stares at her in the mirror. 
No one seems to hear her. 
Tearing up, lips began to quiver.
She wants to pull the trigger.

Fingers play with the blade.
She starts to think it's crazy to say she's been betrayed.
Someone needs to persuade that her life cannot be replayed.
She's no longer restrained.

Temping thoughts of violence.
She's now become a nihilist. 
A fragile heart that always fears in silence. 
Where's her guidance?

She plays with her life, in belief her future isn't that bright.
Wishing they would requite. 
They always leave when you have nothing to give.
She wont forgive, knowing they will all outlive.

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  • NewWolf

    Love the poem , I hope it gets easier faster for you. picking up and pushing forward and living that is.

  • Bobby O

    That passion that here is displayed is predictive of an eventuality that strides and glides ,defines what soon will be your pleasure , and if you listen to every measure you might wanna groove w my tracks cuz I’m about to get fresher. !!

  • bobfallon

    Sorry that you feel that bad, don't give up, always let go, pretend that we would hold your hands if we could reach that far, but use your imagination, dream of another lover and let that one go. bobfallon

  • Poetic Dan

    Marilyn Monroe said it best "if you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve my best"
    Dr Seuss is next "for those that mind don't matter, those that matter don't mind"

    This is such a powerful and beautiful release from the soul and as I shared my tears from my own darkness that tells me to just leave this world alone.

    You inspire more people than you'll ever know!
    Just be water my friend and keep filling with the flow.

    Keep up the write
    Much peace and respect

  • jarcher54

    Beautiful and painful. A very insightful account of those dark thoughts... I love how you rhymed violence and nihilist. Brilliant.

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