Bobby O

Activity w frenzied appliqué , for naught, this certain thought , that way this way, perfunctory motion that just serves to delay. Signals from my brain , take a  deep breath hoping to claim Calm, instead frantic qualms have me rattled, I didn’t plan for this battle. 
Who could properly prepare? , how could anyone be aware ? I’m so thankful my husband is here to have my back, fighting with me against this sneak attack. Postpartum is no joke, it’s a mighty and powerful force and it takes all my effort and strength to stay on course , until it finally abates and gives back control of body and mind , I’ll just replay and replay  images of beautiful GRAYSEN on constant rewind. This too shall pass , this insanity dropped, quickly please , dare I ask , we will flourish when back on the Top.

  • Author: Bobby O (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 16th, 2023 10:20
  • Comment from author about the poem: My dear friend is battling w Postpartum symptoms and I wrote this in her and her husbands honor.
  • Category: Friendship
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  • Jeffrey Weese

    Bobby O, your poem "Postpartum Sneak Attack" is a profoundly moving tribute that sheds light on the reality of postpartum struggles. Your skillful usage of vivid imagery and sincere tone provides an intimate and touching glimpse into your friend's experience. The varied rhythm conveys the unpredictability and intensity of her emotional journey, heightening the reader's empathy. Your choice of words skillfully mirrors the chaos and turmoil that she faces, yet also the strength and determination she embodies.

    Furthermore, your reference to her husband's unwavering support underscores the importance of unity and companionship during such difficult times. The use of the child's name, Graysen, adds a deeply personal touch and serves as a symbol of hope, reinforcing the sentiment that love can prevail over adversity. Lastly, your closing lines invoke a strong sense of optimism and resilience, embodying the message that despite the current hardship, there will be a return to joy and normalcy. It's an incredibly powerful testament to human resilience and the power of love, and it resonates profoundly.

    • Bobby O

      I’m humbled by your kind words and genuine time and thought present in your review. Top notch writing and I’m keeping this for my wall.
      After I clean the room and paint it. But it won’t spoil.

      • Jeffrey Weese

        The strength, love, and resilience in your words will have a profound impact on those who need to read it, I'm sure your poem will continue to touch and inspire many more readers. Here's to many more beautiful words, shared experiences, and painted rooms. Be safe. -jw

      • Parisab

        Very respectful and empathetic perspective from a third person point of view-it looks like you took their words to heart and reflected it back in a tender way-good story telling about this serious mental health matter

        • Bobby O

          Every time time I think I know something about poetry the opposite occurs. I talked to my friend and decided to put it on paper and I expected a grueling session but instead I heard her words in my head and it took less than twenty minutes . It was just as you said , my friends really wrote it. Really appreciate your kind words. It means a lot. Thank you. .

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