Her every changing mood and style 

Had found his secret hidden file 

Her heart warms like a baby's smile 

She radiates pure love 


She has the deepest darkest eyes 

Succeeds at everything she tries 

She saw right through his thin disguise 

She radiates pure love 


A touch that melts the coldest ice

Was used despite the world's advice 

To hug a leper swamped with lice 

She radiates pure love 


The gods had sent her here to soothe 

The angels watch her every move 

They try so hard but must improve 

She radiates pure love 


He never did expect a share 

Of beauty only she could wear 

He prayed one day they'd be a pair 

She recreates his love 


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  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    Love the repeat of this line

    She radiates pure love ‘

    A lovely writing .. some people are very kind and caring in this world

    • peto

      Thank you Violet
      And some can be quite spectacular
      I appreciate your support so much
      Extremely grateful

    • Christina8

      Oh I just wanna drink this in!!! What a spectacular write! "he prayed one day they'd be a pair, she recreates his love"Had me melting and I'm not even your muse! Encore! Thanks for making me smile this morning.....Christina

      • peto

        Thank you so much Christina
        I'm almost speechless with such a kind review
        Keep smiling

      • Bobby O

        Nice and tight. I was anticipating the last line would be some type of shift from the three , that’s absolute proof of a successful piece when a reader is moving along the plot and anticipates potential direction especially when it here’s no right or wrong , just fun.
        BTW-!my guess was “celebrate” but you were tricky. Nice write Good read

      • peto

        Thanks man
        Your last line was a belter
        Truly appreciate it

        Btw,, have lost your pen

      • Teddy.15

        This is just beautiful. Nice to meet you Peto. 🤗

        • peto

          Pleasure is all mine Teddy
          You will be on my reading list today
          Truly appreciate your time

        • Bella Shepard

          I read this poem several times aloud, and each time its rhyming cadence became more beautiful in its expression of love and compassion. It is such a fav!

          • peto

            A wonderful thing to say
            Thank you very much Bella
            Extremely grateful to you

          • Introverted Sage

            I read this so many times!
            It's so melodic.. like there is a background melody as I read it..
            Maybe it's just me? lol
            The flow is so smooth.
            Brilliant work!

            🪶Happy writing

            • peto

              Thank you very much
              Such a kind comment
              Appreciate it
              Much obliged

            • hzugman

              Lovely poem, Peto. (Read it twice.)

              • peto

                Thanks very much hzugman
                Appreciate the read and comment

              • Garth Rakumakoe

                Beautiful piece, Peto... Loved every line!

                • peto

                  Many thanks Garth
                  A gent
                  Very grateful

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