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It's a blessing and a curse to feel this much; absorbing pain; who knows the cause? I don't remember making this oath; all I can say is...I feel it all!

Drowning in emotions, questioning myself; trying to figure out what the hell I did. They kept on pouring, invading my face; so I let them run, and off they went!  I don't understand; I wasn’t mad, or upset. But the heaviness got thicker; and my heart almost caved!

I was starting to wonder how long it would take; I was letting them flow, releasing their clench. My senses woke up; took over the reigns; I guess they forgot the strength I possess. Fixing my crown, I walked through the maze; I wouldn't say I won, but my soul didn't break.

  • Author: LKA (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 8th, 2023 06:35
  • Comment from author about the poem: Oh the joy of being an empath!
  • Category: Sad
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  • Bobby O

    My first thought was about them, impolitely I delay my applause for the write but first, I’m selfishly curious, raw conflicts v an ungodly immoral foe is my magical elixir building adrenalized rushes barely controlled. Did you describe an enemy that meant you harm or rather was it an anthropomorphic inner demon assigned w ability to conquer perhaps and mistakenly underestimated you exponential ability to battle?

    • LIZ

      I appreciate you! "raw conflicts v an ungodly immoral foe is my magical elixir building adrenalized rushes barely controlled" WOW! Well, neither! I tend to feel people's pain/energy/emotions- especially via touch. Those emotions/energies can be good or bad. I'm learning to let them go. I'll sit and feel them, but I'll release them. I can't let them linger or it affects how I feel. I used to have a hard time with this; but now I can face them and move on! Thank you so much for your comment. You always take my mind to a different dimension 😁

      • Bobby O

        Too cool. Simpatico!
        I get that empathy thing you speak of, unintended proof of concept isvudenced by my instinct to share more in my notes to you than all else. Even to the point of being prone to practice writing in varied responses to you and not being afraid to have that misjudged as pompous or overdone. I mostly try to be mindful of the irritant factor and not wanting to overstep but I let my guard down to you and it’s due to how you emulate. You Go Girl!!

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      • Teddy.15

        A heartfelt poem dear Liz, love can be so ugly and so painful, we often don't know how we will survive yet we do ❤️ so powerful and beautifully composed

        • LIZ

          Thank you very much!!! True...but if we're able to learn...thru the pain...then, it was worth it!

          • Teddy.15


          • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

            Hi liz .. I can relate to this .. I think it’s very difficult to feel we are ‘ Absorbing others emotions or sensing them too much ..

            I think there’s probably ways to protect ourselves ..

            Our feelings are enough aren’t they .. very difficult to deal with someone else’s

            A good poem tho especially like the last few lines

            Fixing my crown, I walked through the maze; I wouldn't say I won, but my soul didn't break.

            • LIZ

              Hello! Oh my God yes!!!!! Exactly!!! I try not to absorb it, but it can definitely be a challenge. We already have enough with our own feelings and adding
              someone else's can be overwhelming. Thank you for your comment!

            • orchidee

              I didn't know I bored you to tears with my presence! lol.

              • LIZ

                LMAO 🤣 Not anymore!!!

                • orchidee

                  They might weep at some of my corny jokes though! lol.

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                • Introverted Sage

                  'I wouldn't say I won, but my soul didn't break'
                  The emotion expressed in this deeply felt.
                  Touching read

                • LIZ

                  Then, my job here is done! Thank you for your kindness!🙏

                • L. B. Mek

                  it's our super power, dear Poet
                  tears as our disinfectant
                  to that crimson unseen but felt
                  empathy as our conduit
                  to the wisdom we seek n need
                  in each stab of pain, we feel
                  deep beneath hardened skin
                  we blossom, our capacity
                  to evolve, in our lifetime!
                  (feel, live, hurt, forgive
                  grow, blossom, soar
                  fall, and climb back up again
                  we get to dance with clouds
                  let that be reward enough)
                  at this point I'm convinced
                  you found that ipod i lost
                  that one time
                  or i found yours, dear friend
                  (beautiful song choice
                  best believe
                  i'm getting my jazz n blues
                  out tonight
                  I miss my Coltrane, blue train)

                • LIZ

                  I definitely feel like you can read my mind lol! Yes, I'm going to start thinking of it as my super power from now on.
                  "tears as our disinfectant" UFFFFF I've had a lot of disinfecting to do throughout the years!! "we feel
                  deep beneath hardened skin"- VERY DEEP! But, we definitely blossom and evolve, get stronger, and gain knowledge! I love the fact that you take the time to listen to the songs. They are as much part of the poem as I am!! Coltrane, one of the greatest!
                  And ummmm I guess it's a jazz n blues party!!! Have fun!!!

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