When sunsets paint the canvas of the soul, Within, new chapters silently unroll


Once a pampered girl, in her small world so content,
But as she matured, a sense of sadness was sent.

Once so carefree, relaxed in her cocoon,
Yet growing up, seriousness came all too soon.

Once brave and bold, she faced life's whirl,
Yet the world's challenges made her feel like a weak girl.

Once free-spirited, she danced and twirled,
But adulthood's chains made her feel like a captive girl.

Once resilient, standing tall through every hurl,
But the world's trials and tribulations left her feeling vulnerable.

Once full of compassion, her heart an unfurl,
Yet life's harsh realities made her seem heartless, a new pearl.

Once confident, her spirit a confident swirl,
But the world's judgment made her feel like a diffident girl.

Once fearless, she faced life with a defiant curl,
Yet the world's uncertainties made her feel fearful.

  • Author: shruti14 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 27th, 2023 23:50
  • Comment from author about the poem: Unknowingly our external world influences our inner world. During our childhood days, we all were full of love and joy but as we grew up our innocence started fading away. The world teaches us to be more practical, be clever enough to save our own souls. While dealing with the world we forgot to be like a child who is so pure, spread love, be energetic, being compassionate around the people around us. If God gave me a chance to fulfill my one wish, then I would say I want to be a child again.
  • Category: Sad
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  • Bobby O

    A defiant curl. What a great way to announce resilience. I like your words and your phrase. Your use of”once” is a strong conveyance. Maybe strong enough to serve as a method to strengthen the end?
    …,,made her feel fearful More than once.
    It pays homage to the great theme built, perhaps?
    No matter. I liked it.
    Nice write good read

    • shruti14

      Thank you for your appreciation.

    • Neville

      you are not alone .. ink well spilt .. & welcome to MPS ..

      • shruti14

        Yeah. Thank you for your kind words.

      • L. B. Mek

        sadly, we yearn to grow up quickly as children
        then wish we were children again
        when we become adults
        bombarded with responsibilities and bleak horizons
        I think, neither is wrong or right
        it's natural to yearn for what we think we've lost
        in your writing, you repeat the word 'once'
        and that's more telling i think
        because in thinking of tomorrow and yesterday
        we often forget to cherish our today
        so maybe that's where we begin
        each day
        finding something to celebrate
        a meal, a show
        or doing something we did as kids
        and finding a grown-up equivalent
        and little by little
        teaching ourselves how to make the best
        of our today's..
        thanks for sharing
        sorry for the lengthy reply)

        • shruti14

          I do agree with your thoughts, but my concern was more on the topic of the outer world which influences our inner world. It's a harsh truth that as we get older tend to lose our innocence. Speaking about me, I'm not a person who doesn't like responsibility. In fact, the responsibility is something that excites me to do much better in my life.

          • L. B. Mek

            Forgive me i wasn't trying to insinuate
            any possible fault of yours as an adult
            I merely took your insightful writing
            as inspiration to make a generalised observation
            of the 'typical' human condition.
            I'm just an overopinionated, overzealous fool
            what do i know? lol
            If you're happy at where you are in life
            and where you're striving to journey towards
            then you're already in a good place.
            thanks for sharing and I'm sorry if my reply
            was in any way negative or toxic
            I meant well

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          • VIVAN ADITYA

            you have really written a brilliant poem!!!

            • shruti14

              Thank you for your appreciation

            • Bella Shepard

              I love the style of this poem, each couplet expressing a stage, an age of life that must be traversed to become the whole person. Life experience has brought you here with your gift of words dear friend, what a joy it is to welcome you.

              • shruti14

                Thank you for your kind words.

              • jarcher54

                Lovely message, lovely imagery, and a steely-eyed look at reality. Sadness can be so beautiful when handled with care. Thanks you!

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