Witches brew


She was cool didn't care

Had a stony cold stare

That went through any sight she'd behold 

With a lick of her lips 

A quick shake of the hips 

She transformed from copper to gold 

In an instant she'd strike 

Have his head on a spike 

How he savored this bittersweet pain 

And when done of the floor 

She would open the door 

Sent him out to get soaked in the rain 

She had taken her fill

Smoked a joint popped a pill

Cast him off like he didn't exist 

Left alone with her head 

She just curled up in bed 

That's another one chalked off the list 

In the morning she'd rise 

To a massive surprise 

He had waited all night for this bitch 

But she threw him that look 

It was all it had took 

Never mess with a hungover witch

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  • LIZ

    Ohhhhh boy!! Dangerous!! I love the title too (Witches brew). FYI I have a cauldron where I burn letters and create spells. 😆 Loved it!

    • peto

      Ah that explains why so many are under your spell
      My wee sister was born on Halloween
      Thank you LIZ
      Always appreciate the visit
      Much obliged

      • LIZ

        Awwwww 🙈 you're too kind!! Thank you!! ❤️

      • lenore_inNeverland

        Bewitchingly perfect!

        • peto

          Thank you Rilla
          Truly appreciate such a comment
          Extremely grateful

        • Introverted Sage

          This flows like a spell or a song. Great rhythm!

          • peto

            Thank you very much for such a kind comment
            Appreciate it
            Truly grateful

          • Bella Shepard

            She's intense, electrifying, dangerous, all wrapped up in wonderful verse, with a great zinger at the end. Love it all!

            • peto

              Much appreciated Bella
              Extremely grateful as always
              Many thanks

            • Christina8

              Oh wow, Stevie! This is truly a masterpiece! As I read it aloud, I had to slow down so I could get in all the detail. Superb! Simply excellent! What more can I say? This really took the cake! Christina

              • peto

                So kind and supportive Christina
                Never be able to thank you enough for continued encouragement and friendship
                A wee star always shining

              • Pop64

                Wonderful imagery you provide in this well rhyming write! Love the last line to this, as it not only summarizes,, but truly emphasizes. Great writing

                • peto

                  Thank you pop
                  Appreciate the read comment and visit
                  Very much

                • MissD

                  proud of you

                  • peto

                    Thank you
                    We can but try

                  • Destined Perspectives

                    I love your style, rhyme, flow and imagery! Perfection!

                    • peto

                      And I love that comment
                      Truly appreciate your time to read
                      Extremely grateful
                      Many thanks

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