Notice of absence from LIZ

You thought it a mercy to lock up the truth; and kept our emotions chained up in a room! What makes you think I'll follow the rules? I've come too far to play the lost fool. 


I understand love has been hard; but I'd rather risk it than live in a lie! And you still believe you chose the right path? If I said I love you, it came from the heart!


It's not an excuse to say you were scared; I opened the door, and you just stood there. And I won't pretend, I know it's not fair, but I've learned with time this life is a dare!





  • Author: LKA (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 30th, 2023 00:19
  • Comment from author about the poem: Someone who loved you!
  • Category: Love
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  • User favorite of this poem: L. B. Mek.
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  • orchidee

    Yep, I was scared. How long did I stand at the door for? I was waiting there for a No.7 bus really. lol.
    And what makes me think these poems are all about us two?! 😁

    • LIZ

      😆 don't be scared, I got you!! I think you're still standing there...#7 bus is long gone....and so am I!!! LOL Catch up!!!

    • orchidee

      And yep - 37 on the Lottery again - nearly every day it is! lol.

      • LIZ

        🤣🤣🤣🤣 I might have to go get myself one!!

        • orchidee

          Have a whirl? I don't do the Lottery, but I do Raffle tickets.

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        • peto

          Truth in the first line
          Dare in the last
          Love oozes from your pen LIZ
          And you seem to weave magical meaning throughout
          "I opened the door and you just stood there " wow
          I admire your talent

          • LIZ

            Awwww thank you very much for your beautiful words. I really appreciate that!! ❤️

          • Neville

            the truth is out there somewhere .. I'm sure he knows it .. and it hurts, doesn't it .. 💜

            • LIZ

              Uffffff! I was trying to be nice!! 😆💜

            • Pop64

              Life and love, both, are a dare. They need to be set free, cast aside those inhibitions. For he (or she) who stands still never moves forward. Beautifully expressed.

            • LIZ

              I agree!! Thank you very much!

            • Bella Shepard

              The old adage "Nothing ventured nothing gained" is as true today as it ever was. The reward is often worth the risk, especially in love, for the heart will go where it will. Beautifully expressed dear poetess!

              • LIZ

                Absolutely! I'd rather love. Thank you Bella! 💛

              • Introverted Sage

                "What makes you think I'll follow the rules? I've come too far to play the lost fool."
                When you need that all or nothing Love!
                Your poem goes so well with the song too!
                Nice write!

              • LIZ

                Awwww thank you very much!! Right? Once you've had a really is all or nothing! ❤️

              • Bobby O

                It’s intoxicatingly honest and humble and wanting and self assured all at once. That dimensional aspect draws readers in and speaks to your elevated status as a writer and speaker of truths. Nice

                • LIZ

                  Oh you just get me every time!!!! Thank you! Good to have you back! ❤️

                  • Bobby O

                    There’s a Cary Grant and Rosalind Russel movie that has this rapid conversation that they get perfectly though it’s not as clear to others. I love that movie because of the excellence of that dialogue. We exchange info in a manner that reminds of them. It’s titled HIS GIRL FRIDAY , maybe you’re familiar?

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                  • L. B. Mek

                    'I understand love has been hard;
                    but I'd rather risk it than live in a lie!'
                    with these words, dear cherished Poet
                    you've versed the anthem to my life
                    no lie
                    no, i won't settle for nothing less
                    than love's indisputable best!
                    come, witness these shrapnel in my heart
                    they'll testify, when given a chance
                    I jumped upon Valentines' arrow
                    with or without a parachute of hope
                    and never regretted, merely
                    looked back and wished, I had been
                    the one destined to give you
                    the love you deserve...!
                    I see you're on a Teddy rocket ship
                    of musical epiphany, lol
                    i know his voice and lyrics are out of this world
                    and his new album dropping 15th
                    here's the song I'm looking forward to the most
                    to thank you for sharing such a meaningful poem:

                  • LIZ

                    You always make me cry. I don't know if that's good or bad. I see we share life's anthem then. I definitely won't settle for mediocre love. But oh I will risk it all for true love!

                    "come, witness these shrapnel in my heart they'll testify"--I jumped upon Valentines' arrow with or without a parachute of hope and never regretted" 😭😭😭 Welcome to my scars!

                    I am obsessed with Teddy's music at the moment!!! LOL He's coming to my City November so I might see him. 🙂

                    That song....yes, I know it but don't listen to it often because it makes me so emotional. But, I love it! Thank you for always tugging at the strings of my heart! 🖤

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