I'd walk into a forest fire 

Take on the latest gun for hire

To simply hear you whispering my name 

Climb mountain peaks of snow and ice 

Fall at your feet not once but twice 

Slay all your demons strengthening my claim 


I'd pocket you a twinkling star 

To let you know I'd go that far 

Dodge satellites and missiles fired my way 

I'd lie beneath a Sherman tank

The quicksand where your heart was sank 

I'd dive without distraction or delay 


You open me up

To the sweetest of dreams 

Sending shivers 

The length of my spine 

You open me up 

As you silence my screams 

When you tell me 

You'll always be mine 


You open me up 

To an internal glow 

Tickling at the core 

Of my soul 

You open me up 

When you tell me you know 

We two halves 

May one day become whole 

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  • LIZ

    Ohhhhhh wait....wait....I'm catching my breath!!! Jesus!!!! Ok., my favorite lines: "As you silence my screams When you tell me You'll always be mine". Ahhhh forever! I'm falling! AND "Tickling at the core Of my soul"- I felt it! Thank you!!

    • peto

      Very grateful for this LIZ
      Glad you enjoyed reading

      For someone with a cauldron
      Jesus is making a few appearances in recent comments
      Your changing lady
      Many thanks

      • LIZ

        🤣🤣 LOL Jesus stirs the cauldron with me!! REALLY!!! Thank you! 💋

      • Bobby O

        I will build you a castle with the tower so high it reaches the moon I’ll gather melodies from birdies that fly and compose you a tune

        • peto

          Such a poetic response Bobby
          My own private write
          Many thanks

          • Bobby O

            I stole it from a Smokey song. Your lyrics and cadence reminded of song
            I’ll try something new.

          • Parisab

            These actions made epics and universal love stories, truly a classic :I would carry the world on my shoulder, and die a thousand times each day, should your eyes say yes, none of it is a chore (translations from the lyrics of a Persian song) Thank you for writing this, Peto

            • peto

              What beautiful lines
              thank you very much
              Would you mind telling me the title
              I'd love to hear that in its original language

              • Parisab

                Of course,
                Dariush, Ejaze (permission) there are some mediocre lyrics translations, but as you know most poetry doesn’t translate well-his voice and emoting captures nonetheless.

              • 1 more comment

              • Parisab

                My pleasure, see previous message…

              • Bella Shepard

                Seamlessly written, flowing like a beautiful stream, this poem has achieved all that it set out to do, describing a love for the ages. You continue to amaze me!

                • peto

                  You continue to inspire me with such encouragement
                  Thank you very much Bella

                • Introverted Sage

                  This is so beautiful!
                  Like a warm-squishy eternal flame kind of love!
                  Love it!

                  • peto

                    Squishy wow
                    One of the highlights of having great writers comment
                    I get to hear words like squishy
                    Thank you sage
                    Much appreciated

                  • Christina8

                    This is an absolutely beautiful and well written piece that left me breathless!!!! Just wonderful!!

                    • peto

                      Thank you very much Christina
                      Always so supportive and enthusiastic
                      I'm always so grateful
                      Great to see you

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