A walk in my sleep joins a run in my dream

A pebble removed from the bed of a stream 

Solid ground turns to liquid the liquid to steam 

Wafting off with the air that I breathe 


Five days in a row now I've been wide awake 

The tour of dreamland is a fatal mistake 

Hung drawn and quartered burned at the stake 

In a realm where the doubters believe 


I was then judged by martyrs who died for a cause 

My past sins exposed as they pick at my flaws 

Fed to hellhounds with guillotine blades in their jaws 

Spat back out as they turn tail to leave 


What could frighten a ravenous blood thirsty pack

The hairs on my neck stood with those on my back 

She appeared with the heads of the damned in a sack 

No attempt to be coy or deceive 


I was gone the dark siren had fire in her eyes 

Her smile stripped me of hope and removed my disguise 

To wake up in your arms was the ultimate prize 

Saved again by the magic you weave 

  • Author: peto (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 14th, 2023 04:21
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 19
  • User favorite of this poem: Christina8.
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  • Neville

    this is positively spellbinding sir

    • peto

      Cheers Neville
      Been a while
      Good to see you still going strong
      Appreciate your time

    • Christina8

      "To wake up in your arms was the ultimate prize" sweet! I really enjoyed the whole poem! Its really quite beautiful, Stevie, to see the way it all works out. x

    • peto

      Many thanks Christina
      Always a pleasure to see you here
      And always so grateful for your kind words x

    • Teddy.15

      My dear Peto, I cannot help but say this reminds me of Braveheart. Imagery is truly brilliant. 💖

      • peto

        Add a kilt to the mix
        Thank you Teddy

      • Bobby O

        A walk turns to run a pebble removed
        I said, damned not Coyle or deceived, saved by a magic weave, and that’s just picking just excellent words that screw together 1 million times stronger than I could ever say in a short bursts of clever. You got it going on!

        • peto

          Thanks Bobby
          Inspiring as ever
          Hope my words Express my gratitude
          For such support
          Extremely grateful

          • Bobby O

            ….like King Kong

          • Bella Shepard

            The spell that your dream weaves is both frightening and rhetorically beautiful. Saved by the magic, there's definitely magic here!

            • peto

              Thank you Bella
              Glad you caught my drift
              Appreciate you visiting and commenting very much

            • Introverted Sage

              'A walk in my sleep joins a run in my dream'
              like a fated remembrance almost turned fatal remembrance or wounded by remembrance of past selves and ended in a bit of bliss.
              mystical write!

              • peto

                Thank you sage
                Always so uplifting and very much appreciated

              • Laylemon

                WOW! This one of the most visual poems I've ever read. Hit straight to my heart. Amazing work!

                • peto

                  Thank you lemon
                  For looking back and such a kind and supportive review
                  Truly grateful

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