Her picture shone out from my screen 

The vulnerable poetic queen 

Who tells some of the things she's seen 

And keeps the rest inside 


She'll tell us of her hope and fear 

Look closer if you want to hear 

The stormy winds of yesteryear 

Are what she keeps inside 


She won her share of bloody fights 

Long working days and lonely nights 

When trying to put the world to rights 

She has no need to hide


Her words dance on a floor of hurt 

The venue from her playful flirt 

The children pulling at her skirt 

Keep filling her with pride 


She touches all who pass her way 

Hung up on every word she'll say 

I can't wait for her next foray 

Into her hearts delights 

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  • Pop64

    A lovely tribute, it seems, to a another poet, wordsmith, someone who shares of herself through experiences and words. Beautiful.

    • peto

      Thank you pop
      She shows just enough to keep it interesting

    • Bobby O

      If she is worth that fanciful dance then that Horace Greeley quote applies with fanfare. Do we have a role model to bring her into our arena? I’d say Marylyn as her charisma despite still united in attention quest but Ms. Monroe was without child, perhaps Mariah but she doesn’t time slumming, Jackie O fits many aisles but her magnetism didn’t display enough for public touch, so I offer Kim Badunger as those who knew to stay away stil didn’t ?

      • peto

        They deserve what they got then
        If they knew better
        Thank you Bobby
        Always a joy to read your views

        • Bobby O

          I was reaching. My response indicates appreciation and instead of “great poem” each time I opt for flavor.

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        • LIZ

          I see you're getting all romantic on me! Honestly, this is beautiful! You're obviously able to see past the picture on the screen!!! This is more my drift!!! Loved it!!!!

          • peto

            Never judge a book by it's cover
            Hopefully nothing wrong with a little romance now and then
            Many thanks LIZ

            • LIZ

              That's right! Oh I love it!!! All of it!!!

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            • Christina8

              Who's the lucky lady that has tickled your fancy? lol OMG this is INCREDIBLE!! When you write about such things it's like your pen must dance off the page. So interesting to be able to read your rhymes. I really can't tell you what I loved most! To your poetic queen! x

              • peto

                Who indeed Christina
                She done more than tickle it
                Thanks for joining the dance
                Much appreciated x

              • BlessedbyGod

                Such a lucky lady to be admired as such peto

                • peto

                  And I'm a lucky guy to receive such a kind comment
                  Thank you
                  Much obliged

                • Teddy.15

                  Peto why thank you lol 🤣 on a serious note I'm getting to know you and I'm guessing you are not such a fan of free verse but I am a huge fan of rhyming rhythm and this is wonderful. Biggest of hugs this Friday evening my dear Peto. Who ever she be I reckon she is your muse! 💖

                  • peto

                    I'm a fan of it
                    Just got rhyme in my head a lot
                    So that's how it comes out

                    You're welcome Teddy
                    Hard to resist you on that roof
                    Many thanks

                    • Teddy.15

                      Ah yes I'm pretty irresistible, if I do say so myself. lol 🤣

                    • Parisab

                      So many classic movie icons and even a modern Angelina Jolie who is multidimensional and interesting, as a woman and actress -but Peto’s poems have the sophistication of finding multiplicity in any woman …

                      • peto

                        What a wonderful thing to say
                        Thank you very much
                        I am humbled by such a kind comment
                        Means a lot to me to hear that
                        Much obliged

                      • Introverted Sage

                        The flow, rhyme and style of this is so intricate and exquisite!
                        Your words seem so in-tune with.. like a behind the scenes look at your muses life.
                        Great write!

                        • peto

                          Thank you sage
                          Forever grateful for such encouragement
                          Almost overwhelming
                          Extremely grateful

                        • lenore_inNeverland

                          Officially my favourite poem.
                          "Her picture shone out from my screen

                          The vulnerable poetic queen "
                          especially these lines- they speak wonders

                          • peto

                            Sorry for late reply Rilla
                            Thank you for such an encouraging comment
                            I truly appreciate it

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