The full moon set her beams loose 

To dance on the sea

Shooting stars fell to earth 

After winking at me 

Gentle waves kiss the shoreline 

Who's passionate plea

Brought a tear to my red bloodshot eye 


It's a sight to be shared

As I stand on my own 

A sharp intake of breath 

A quick snap on my phone 

Nature's majesty sings 

Memories lower the tone 

A storm forms in my red bloodshot eye 


When she left all my demons 

Raced out of their cage 

Leaving only a shell 

For a fireball of rage 

A thesaurus reduced 

To a blank empty page 

Stained by tears from my red bloodshot eye 


An emotional cripple 

Who's broken his crutch 

Hollow fingers unable 

To feel what they touch 

When you're left with so little 

It all seems too much 

Seeing life through my red bloodshot eye 

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  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    An engaging interesting and nicely expressed writing ) we all need that something to calm us and make us feel better .. and nature can really help how we feel

    A very good writing .. which I liked reading

    I especially like the first verse .. beautiful words

    • peto

      Much obliged Violet
      Always grateful to see you grace my page

    • Teddy.15

      The moon and I absolutely gorgeous dear Peto your imagery is truly breathtaking. 💖

      • peto

        Thank you Teddy
        Great support that is very much appreciated

      • BlessedbyGod

        Incredible piece Peto,
        Absolutely incredible 👏 🙌 😍

        • peto

          incredible comment

          Thank you very much
          Extremely grateful

        • Christina8

          Is this a new rhyme scheme? Love it! I really enjoyed the last stanza, you show so much with your amazing imagery! Thanks for improving my Saturday!!

          • peto

            Hi Christina
            Thank you very much for continuing to look me up
            Very much appreciate your read and input

          • lenore_inNeverland

            "A thesaurus reduced

            To a blank empty page

            Stained by tears from my red bloodshot eye "
            I have no words to express the amount of amazing-ness that this poem beholds within itself! This is beautiful

            • peto

              An extremely pleasant comment for me to read
              Truly appreciate your time
              Many thanks

            • Introverted Sage

              The way you weave your words is so magical.
              Perhaps sharing from the heart is what makes your poems so captivating..
              I appreciate the emotion.
              At any rate.. this one's another great!
              Thanks for sharing!

              • peto

                Great comment sage
                Thank you
                Almost like you feel rather than read what I wrote
                Amazing feedback
                Much obliged

              • Dhru

                Just so majestic!!

                • peto

                  Thank you Drhu
                  Lovely to see you here
                  Appreciate your time to read and comment

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