All living things


Some day Light will shine through night

all will unite under the sun

In its peace dark will hold no fright

Life without death will run


All shades of ink become black

where with light it is white

When all colors bleed into one

black into white will run


Life's energy reincarnated is our mother

Living things, brothers and sisters in this fight

In eating one another we become the other

This does not make it wrong or right


White a conglomerate purity

Black blended healing salve of mystery

the two a universal surety

combine to form eternities diversity


  • orchidee

    A fine write SB.

  • Bella Shepard

    As I read this beautiful poem I see in my minds eye the yin and yang, opposing forces complementing each other.
    "Life's energy reincarnated is our mother", energy neither created nor destroyed, but eternal. This is mind bending, mind broading, mind blowing in the best possible way. Brilliant!

    • sorenbarrett

      Thank you so much Bella your words of kindness they are deeply appreciated friend

    • Teddy.15

      What I see is an incredible amount of acceptance in being who we are being allowed to be who we are and being proud of who we are. Diversity is what makes for a very rich culture indeed. 💖

      • sorenbarrett

        Thank you Teddy for taking your time to sort through this piece. I so appreciate your review.

      • Goldfinch60

        May that light forge the people on this world into a loving place for ALL.


        • sorenbarrett

          Thanks Gold for the review and good wishes.

        • L. B. Mek

          (forgive me dear Poet
          I read your words and just couldn't help being inspired
          thank you! for these important and ever timely words)
          black nor light
          refracted atoms and gases, electron painted
          as a façade of identity and skies
          we look at a mirror
          point at skin tonality, fight to find
          us and them mindset
          learned behaviour, so as to narrow perspective
          we're too scared of potential's: potential
          so we limit horizon to our zip codes
          its scary
          how childish our adult years become
          as children, we run around
          light as our rainbow of skip in our heart
          never caring of the who, just the act
          in their what..
          Luther's dream, is merely a recollection of our childhood years
          but we're too stubborn
          so we point fingers
          and hate at our life's mirrors...
          wage wars at our kin
          Hate, that we recognise as natural
          just, so we can belong
          to a herd, who would abandon us
          the minute we started to limp...
          reaching for ghosts
          we paint our dreams, into nightmares
          make reality a scapegoat for our incredulity's belligerent ignorance

          • sorenbarrett

            Your words always poetic. I have the privilege of reading a new poem from you each time I read your reviews. But not only poetic but full of wisdom as well, rare in today's world. I thank you my friend for words.

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