Broken hearts need time to heal,
We tell ourselves that we just have to deal,
Keep moving forward, no looking back,
Or we might see the the qualities that we were told we lack,
I'm no longer Broken, I'm no longer bruised,
I no longer feel like an object that was taken and used,
I found my forever, my ride or die,
I never have to question him or ever ask him why,
He loves me for me , and don't want me to be someone I'm not,
The past is behind me and looking back I'm not,
I'm no longer Broken like I thought I would always be,
My life has totally changed and I'm free to be ME.

You are no longer broken, you are no longer chained, You have overcome the pain that once had you restrained, You have found your forever, your partner in crime, You have discovered the joy that comes from love sublime, You are no longer broken, you are no longer lost, You have found your true self at last.

Behold, I make all things new!
My Spirit to guide, my love to renew.

I felt lost and far too broken
Now how I rejoice to new love
I bask in the warm sun as my skin has the softest hue of hope
For the longest time
I could not feel nor enjoy this
All I could be was nothing at all

All in all of all of all
I am and one to be
Completely harmoniously me

In this broken world I am happy,
So many bad things are happening
But in my life all is so good.
It did break once,
My wife died,
But now all is well
As a new life was given to me,
And it fixed my broken heart.

Oohhh, broken I be - for ever?
But how? I married KP!
It's all downhill from now on. lol.

shattered like glass
Swept up
by the lampworker
redeemed at last

Broken and confused, not anymore,
That is what true love is for,
To take away our hurt, to take away our doubts,
To banish our urges to hurt ourselves and shout,
To bring us peace and to a place of healing,
No more abuse and no more dealing,
Regardless of where u are or how u feel stuck,
There is a way to change our crappy luck,
Forgive yourself, because u did no wrong,
And turn your life into an inspiring song,
Broken and used I think not,
I know what I had, and I know what I now got

I was always told to hide my broken parts away from view
To keep going even if I felt myself crack under the pressure
To ignore how I slowly crumbled into smaller pieces
Until I had forgotten what it felt like to be whole
And now it feels like I'm sifting through loose sand
As I'm trying to gather the pieces
Of someone who is broken beyond repair

You have left behind the shadows of the past, You have embraced the light of the present, You have opened your heart to the future, You have found your happiness at last, You are no longer broken, you are no longer alone, You have found your home.You have learned to love yourself and others, You have grown from your struggles and sorrows, You have found your purpose and passion, You have achieved your goals and dreams, You are no longer broken, you are no longer afraid, You have found your courage.