I'm greatful


I am greatful for each and every one of you,
It is refreshing to see everyone being open and true,
Sure, some of our poems are quirky and silly,
But they are pieces of us that are speaking! Really!
We write about love and loss, depression and God above us,
Some push our buttons and put up a fuss,
But mostly we are supportive and encourage eachother to grow,
Sometimes as I read your work, I learn something that I did not know,
I'm greatful to call every one here a friend,whether we have talked or not,
Just know my friends that your kindness, will never be forgot!

A beautiful sentiment, one that is true.
We are all different,a delightful crew.
Each has their own perspectives,who's right?all are free to live their life.
And write of things, with the pen of old
Telling their story, with theads of gold.
Woven into his tapestry,
To make our lifes,a joy to be.
Knowing when we give it all,
Our words will find they destined call.

In my long life I am grateful,
Grateful for awaking each morning
Knowing that this day will be wonderful.
I have friends who write,
I have friends who don't.
Music has always been in my life
And will always bring peace,
Peace to my body and mind.
But best of all I have her,
I have my lover who I love,
I love with all my heart
And we will go on together,
Together to eternity,
To eternity and beyond.

I have little to add to what's above
poems speak of kindness, anger hatred and love
but what's in the heart speaks louder still
let actions not just words your days fill

I am grateful for kindness shown
That map which we so need to navigate
A cruel world that sets traps for heart and soul.

The wicked fall into the trap they set.
The righteous prevail, and escape from the net.
So write with ink from the heart,
The grateful one,will know the art.

  • Authors: BlessedbyGod, Valiantstar , Goldfinch60, sorenbarrett, Jon Nakapalau
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  • Finished: October 18th, 2023 22:00
  • Limit: 12 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Just write about something you are greatful for!
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  • Dev Parth

    My attitude stands out, clear as day,
    Unique and special in every way.
    With a demeanor that's cool and collected,
    I approach every challenge, never dejected.

    Despite the trials that come your way,
    I face them head-on, come what may.
    My confidence never falters or wanes,
    As me boldly pursue your goals and aims.

    With a determined spirit and unwavering drive,
    I strive for excellence and always thrive.
    My attitude is matched by your confidence,
    A powerful combination, a winning essence.

    May I always believe in yourself,
    And my attitude shine like a precious wealth.
    With confidence by your side, you'll go far,
    A true inspiration, a guiding star.

    So keep shining bright, my friend,
    With attitude and confidence to the end.
    My spirit, a beacon for us all,
    As you rise and soar, standing tall.

    • BlessedbyGod

      Aww thank you so much Dev, that was incredible!!

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