It’s not ok, it will NEVER be alright!

L. B. Mek

Notice of absence from L. B. Mek
'fare ye well' kind friends


All of this, opportunistic backlashes

From modernity's toxic feminism, that’s

In-itself a warped

Betrayal of actual suffragette feminism

Has social media, full

of Spineless boys striking back girls


No! It’s not a reflection of your 


No! It is never alright to strike

A girl of any age

Even, in retaliation

No matter her militant attitude

or levels of Provocation…


If you’re a man, and not a coward

you must learn 

to manage confrontations

In different ways, to match 

Individually differing situations


Violence must always be a last resort

Because only one type of violence 

Solves a problem

When one of you is dead!


Every other type of violence 

Intensifies and escalates a problem

From mere incident, to out of control

From war to a never ending

Generational travesty


Since violence, almost always


A continuous cycle of more




we have ‘soldiers’ parading

Naked civilian woman

As their war crime trophies


That’s how depraved

we Can All become

When caught-up in a cycle

of retaliatory Violence…


So we must all learn, observe

From the Real men, around us

Heed our societies wise lady’s

Understand those minutia nuances

In their decision-making process


Those life defining choices they make

Even, when reacting in an emotionally

Heightened state


Take note of their deescalating skills

Try to comprehend

Why they walk away from situations

That seem uncomplicated at first glance

Imitate how they calculate in advance 

How those seemingly, straightforward

Situations, can easily get out of control

If their actions inflame the real issues

Rather than deescalate and manage them.


It’s not ok, it is NEVER alright!

To resort to violence

and take a Coward’s way out!



© L. B. Mek

October 2023


  • Author: L. B. Mek (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 9th, 2023 00:04
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  • LIZ

    This is such a serious subject! I wish I could say I can't relate. I wish I could
    say I don't understand. But THIS, is such a big truth. It's NEVER ok. Violence creates more violence. And it can go from "subtle" ways to uncontrolled abuse. It only takes one time! It's not just men either! It goes both ways. It's cowardly! Definitely thought provoking this morning! Thank you for being brave enough to "say it like it is"!! I read, and learn 🙏 Thank you!!

    • L. B. Mek

      It's just such a sad state of modernity
      That these, once
      'taken for granted', civility anchoring
      do's and dont's, facts of life
      Are now deemed 'brave' words??
      Makes you fear, how much more
      we collectively have left to regress
      as a species...
      (heart-breaking to read your words
      yet, awe inspiring
      to witness you bravery despite it all)
      stay blessed, cherished Poet

    • Teddy.15

      I'd quote every line, you write from your heart about subjects that matter not just to you but to all. Powerful and so very empathetic with a mountain of compassion and wisdom. Truly one of my favourite poets of all time ❤️

      • L. B. Mek

        ahhh my treasured friend
        you never cease to amaze me with your staunch support
        and evermore effusive words
        (and hey, mr Dante, that epic poetry extraordinaire
        might be aggrieved at you comparing me to your fav's)
        maybe I qualify on friendship tokens😉
        either way, I thank you wholehartedly
        you humble me, oh cherished Poetess!🌹

      • Neville

        .......... it just had to be said .. Amen

        • L. B. Mek

          until someone can say it better
          and society may then, finally hear..
          Amen! indeed
          thank you! Hyung

        • SureshG

          It’s not just physical, for emotional violence can be just as traumatic.

          So it’s NEVER alright, as you have so poetized

          • L. B. Mek

            indeed! sometimes
            the emotional is harder to get over
            I really appreciate you highlighting
            that fact!
            thank you, dear Poet

          • Bella Shepard

            So many factors in play. I remember from childhood how gender roles were portrayed. Boys played with toy guns, GI Joe, cowboys and indians, teaching them the strong arm role. Girls got baby dolls to play mother, small kitchen equipment to pretend cook and care for the home with small cleaning implements. It was role playing for life. We can't teach dominance to one and submission to the other, they need to be equal. Sadly today, very little has changed, in spite of the progress women appear to have made, the double standard is still there. I applaud your words dear L.B. and I wholeheartedly agree that violence is the greatest folly of humankind, for in its futility we waste the precious resources of humanity. Thank you my friend for your outrage at such travesties, for in acknowledgment perhaps there can be change.

            • L. B. Mek

              'We can't teach dominance to one
              and submission to the other, they
              need to be equal.'

              'for in acknowledgment
              perhaps there can be change.'

              So, so true my wise friend
              Having roles, is not the issue
              as every relationship
              is a symbiotic balancing
              of weaknesses and strengths
              for as long as violence
              is used as a reactionary
              and cowardly answer
              to solve the differences
              we as a widely differing species
              will always have to overcome
              then, all our relationships
              devolve into irreversible
              power dynamics ...
              and 'being more masculine'
              can't be the only way
              for girls and lady's to gain
              their due respect
              and equal opportunities..
              that's just a perpetuation
              of the same fallible failings
              that warped our patriarchal
              we had Queens and Heroins
              galore, in humanity's rich annals
              its just their story seldom differed
              from their male counterparts
              Because violence dictates
              that bulsht male ignorance cycle
              and whoever acts the same
              falls into the same trappings..
              We need our lady's
              who have painstakingly
              found their path to leadership places
              in our society
              to show us, a Different way
              of being, of acting
              of empathising and loving
              Thatcher was an Icon
              but she changed so little
              because she acted like all the rest
              before her..
              I truly hope things can change
              but when I see the new generations
              I fear for the worst..
              (sorry for my opinionated rant, dear Poet)

              • Bella Shepard

                It is a wonderful rant my dear friend, and so very true. It is indeed our thinking that has to change, and I feel that one day it will, dramaticaly, when it becomes the only way.

              • MendedFences27

                MEK, very well spoken and I agree with your stance. We have three daughter's and warned them about such men who, as you say, are truly cowards in sheep's clothing. Thanks for speaking out on this subject. - Phil A.

                • L. B. Mek

                  three daughters, three time's the sleepless nights
                  but then, also three time's the affection and love..
                  I hope your family walks in peace
                  and is saved from such horrors..
                  stay blessed, dear Poet

                • Introverted Sage

                  Hurt people - hurt people. It's up to the brave to break the cycles!
                  Love heals.
                  Great write

                  • L. B. Mek

                    so, so true wise Poet
                    let the healing begin
                    from your ink to fate's ears🙏
                    thank you!

                  • sorenbarrett

                    Behind you all the way L.B. What takes real courage is to be nonviolent in the face of violence, Gandhi, Martin Luther King great examples. We have not traveled far from our violent past and need a step up in evolution if we wish to consider ourselves as good as other animals.

                    • L. B. Mek

                      other animals have an excuse
                      we have IQ's planning space station expansions
                      how have we not addressed the plague that is
                      violence, in our collective history?
                      it beggars belief!
                      after WW2
                      USA (yeah a gimmick move)
                      hosted a non nuclear development conference
                      I think it mentioned Spinoza in the name
                      (another icon to non violence
                      and societal oneness)
                      it wasn't the postdam conference
                      sorry I forget the name
                      but anyway, all the invited nations
                      attended and agreed
                      but one
                      because of petty politics
                      (and because it rightly didn't trust
                      the US to comply)
                      way before the NPT façade we have now
                      but it always exemplified
                      how close we got to changing our history..
                      on so many levels
                      (anyway I'm just waffling, sorry my friend)
                      what do i know..

                    • Thomas W Case

                      Powerful and poignant.

                      • L. B. Mek

                        just sad it's still necessary..
                        thank you! kind Poet

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