Carpe Diem Motherfuckers

Thomas W Case

The mediocre march into oblivion
while watching Tik Tok videos
and never reading a 
book or writing a
They don't know 
the difference between
an orchid or an iris.

The mediocre march into
madness sleeping until
noon, while neglecting
Bukowski and Mozart.
They don't know how
to play an instrument.
No idea what a C
major chord is.
But they know all
the emojis.
The sad sheep masses
know the difference
between a Van Gogh or
Monet painting, and a
digital reproduction on
a coffee cup.
Their phones look 
like grotesque growths
attached to their ears.
Everyone should
contribute to the
cosmic dance,
Carpe Diem

  • Author: Thomas W Case (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 2nd, 2023 02:59
  • Comment from author about the poem: I recite this poem on my youtube channel. Just search Thomas W. Case on you tube, my channel will pop up. lol. Also, please check out my book, Seedy Town Blues Collected Poems on Amazon.
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  • orchidee

    My problem is (or was) that I took so long finding out what Carpe Diem meant, that by the time I found out, it was night, and no more day left to seize. Doh! lol.

  • Teddy.15

    Sieze the day, absolutely wonderful we have all this beauty around us, I live in Florence Italy and i can tell you our culture although magnificent, people are bringing their children up to have cell phones at 8/9 years old and It just breaks my heart. This is a poem that only the intellectuals and those who appreciate art and nature and so on will only truly understand. Sad but a fact of today's world. ❤️

    • Thomas W Case

      Absolutely true. Thank you so much for the read and comment.

    • Lorenz

      Bless be the day of the big bug ! I will make fun of their idiot faces without prostheses !

    • LIZ

      Spitting truth!!! Love the title!!

      • Thomas W Case

        Thank you, Liz. I appreciate the read and comment.

      • Neville

        absolutely .. I have no hesitation in concurring

      • Yassin Tamam

        so funny to me how people could have this unlimited access to knowledge and chose still to be as one-dimensional as one can be, sad
        loved your poem sm

      • Introverted Sage

        Makes me think movies like 'Idiocracy' coming to fruition sooner than later
        Good write!

        • Thomas W Case

          Thank you. I appreciate it.

        • MendedFences27

          Today's youngsters are slaves to technology. It seems their lives get updated every 5 days or so, with the release of a new App. They never "read" or "write" anything that isn't encoded for their screens. "The Cosmic Dance," is now overgrown with wallflowers, - Phil A.

          • Thomas W Case

            Thank you for the kind comment.

          • Goldfinch60

            Such true words Thomas, so many people are ignorant about what is really around them nowadays.


          • Tom Dylan

            Love this poem. So many great lines, Bukowski and Mozart, contribute to the cosmic dance.. just brilliant and agree with everything! Great work.

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