Twisted History the Rape of the Plains People  


Twisted History the Rape of the Plains People


Having finally managed

to remove

the sharpest of jagged

shards from

distant high mountains

and carrying

   them home with him ..

He made fire in a hollow

with dry weeds

and the leaves he took

from some

faraway forest which lies


beyond the great grey

   tumbling river ..

Then he burnt both sage

and saffron

to heal and to colour his

   rage and his anger ..

In the wake of the rape

of his people

and all those whom he


   and the land he revered ..

Then later

in silence he fashioned

so many

straight arrows from flint

he had

   stored and hid in his tepee ..

The rest

   is now history albeit twisted ..

Yet before

they eventually crucified him,

they said

it was a massacre and called

   him a savage ..





  • Author: Neville (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 3rd, 2023 01:53
  • Comment from author about the poem: just another good reason why I am so ashamed of my own species
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  • LIZ

    Sometimes what we do doesn't feel enough, and we end up being condemned! Trying to heal our generation is a full-time job!! So, personally, I try healing myself every day, in hopes it carries on!!! "Then he burnt both sage and saffron to heal and to colour his rage and his anger" so powerful to me!!! Not sure if this was the intention but....thank you! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    • Neville

      it wasn't not my intention if you get my drift LIZ and I thank you, not only for your impression shared, but for your thank you also .. 💜

    • orchidee

      A fine write N.
      I burnt garlic - what a pong! If one can burn garlic?

      • Neville

        I like burnt garlic .. well I like it roasted and laid strategically between slices of rare guineapig 🐀

        • orchidee

          Argh! not eating guinea pig! I burnt it to make KP feel nauseous. lol.

        • MendedFences27

          Probably one of the greatest genocides in human history, the elimination of the indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America by European peoples. These were cultures that had existed for 30,000 years (latest discoveries prove) and now they are gone. The Plains people were the last to be conquered. And yes, every, what we now call war crimes, were committed to achieve the slaughter. The end result, the countries of Canada, the U.S.A, Mexico, all of Central America and South America. It continued until the early twentieth century, though some say it still continues.
          Your poem's focus is one small part of this massacre. Your author's note says it causes you to be ashamed. Don't be, this is characteristic of what mankind was and still is all about. The conquest (slaughter) of people in order to possess their land. - Phil A.

          • Neville

            Very much appreciated Phil ..Many thanks indeed my friend .. Neville

          • Bella Shepard

            Dearest Nev, this poem so strongly resonates, after visiting many sites of Native American Culture on our vacation. You've crafted this beautifully, recounting a history that was distorted for generations. It is only now that our Indiginous Americans are beginning to get the credit and respect they deserve. I sometimes think that when we whites have decimated our earth for gain, the Native People who have held onto their bond with nature will be the ones to bring life back, as it was meant to be. Thank you for the depth of conscience and empathy you possess, it always shines through in the most profound way. A thousand fav's!!!

            • Neville

              And a million thank you's are heading your way Bella .. Neville

            • Goldfinch60

              Very good words Neville, we do not realise the damage we are causing in our world.


              • Neville

                Too few of us do .. thank you Andy .. Neville

              • Dove

                Having Native American blood , albeit a tiny morsal, I applause this poem. Enjoyed the read! Love the smell of sage..

                • Neville

                  I am 98% English & 2% Norse and I love the smell of sage too .. thank you again for spoiling me Dove .. 🤍🕊️

                • Doggerel Dave

                  Much too late (wasn't present when you penned this).
                  1788 saw the start of a similar (tragically similar) story here following the 'settlement' (invasion) by the British in what came to be known as Australia.
                  You received the kind of response you deserved here, Neville.

                  • Neville

                    I plan on being in Oz & NZ sometime between November 2024 & Jan 2025 not sure of the exact dates or itinerary but have friends in both countries .. cheers DD .. Neville

                    • Doggerel Dave

                      Noted. And if you are passing.....

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