Bobby O

 However, this affected me, a newly born unjust legacy my heart now carries a cacti weight 
I did not choose to negotiate, decided by interceding demons jackaled arbiters of my fate cackling as  they view my hope disapate 
now plotting a newly poisoned path 
Laughing at recompense or potential wrath 
Priory of procured  peaceful fusion instead now proffers bludgeoned confusion
And poison fed by intravenous infusion 
A future kidnapped by promises loudly snapped 
Vitriolic at full capacity 
I’m done, you’ve won 
You’ve seen the last of me 
Bobby O

  • Author: Bobby O (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 26th, 2023 22:48
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is the abridged. I was angry enough to write 22 more stanzas before I thought to stop
  • Category: Nature
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  • orchidee

    I'm gonna do 22 stanzas of a poem, then sing them all, though no one can bear my singing! heehee.
    And - where ya gone, disappeared to? lol.

  • Bobby O

    So, I’ve been singing Barbra Streisand songs all day , “memories light the corners of my mind, misty water colored memories ..”
    “People, people who need people “
    “You’re turn at bat sir, I guess I didn’t make it, Hat sir, at least I didn’t fake it”
    My dog has been hiding with his head buried under the afghan. Who knew he disliked Barbra Streisand THAT much??

  • David Wakeling

    Wow this is certainly disturbing.I'm not sure of the details but its sure has it all anger and hopelessness.

    • Bobby O

      It was anger
      And it was extreme, when an attachment doesn’t work , well, that happens and we get over our hurt and move on.
      This was a planned attempt to mislead with ill intent and a goal of financial gain. I never had any inkling from her , rather it was the dude I thought was her brother that raised my antennae. Though I don’t reveal in the poem , I was able to escape before their “trap” , but I was able to set one of my own that was well disguised and that I believe will surprise them very much. I am a great friend, a temporarily naive lover, but a resplendent opponent with resources born of the Chicago South Side. On about two months I can share details that may entertain.

    • Neville

      Ouch' that must have hurt an awful lot .. I could feel it from here ..

      • Bobby O

        Pertinent details found in my reply to Mr. Wakeling. BTW- while on your jaunt I think that’s when I posted a tribute to him, only he and you have generated that action from me. Now I feel shy.

        • Neville

          Don't be .. you rank up there among my MPS saviours .. Neville

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        • Introverted Sage

          Creative ways used to dissipate anger or deep feelings are always so much more appreciated.. imo.
          The feelings of the creator are more easily felt, understood and related to.(even if only parts are shared)
          Good one🪶

          • Bobby O

            Exactly my intent and your mention gratified. Thanks a bunch

          • Thomas W Case

            Fantastic work my friend

          • Bobby O

            Thanks ,Hard to keep up with the freight Trane that you are though.

          • Parisab

            It must be winter over there! There will be fire (and hell to pay) in the south side though! I got you homey, from the West Side! But don’t ever change your hopeful romantic side!

          • Bobby O

            The very fact that I could be affected deeply and twist a bit w raw emotional pain is the proof of concept that the real and romantic is very much alive and the
            Willingness to wander hurt keeps my exotic fairytales alive and childlike. Instead of hardened senses I relish the genuine bravery that nourished and brass ring of hope the will thrill when it is that I grasp. A reward authentically earned.

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