When The Heart Chooses


love defies all logic 

all boundaries land and sea 

it permeates through solid rock 

through doors without a key 


unafraid of any borders 

undeterred by darkest night 

it doesn’t need two wings to fly 

or eyes to give it sight 


love settles where the heart says 

it’s carried on each breath 

it burns as if by magic 

it can’t be killed by death 


in truth it’s unrestricted 

not caged within a home 

it can float into the heavens 

it can comfort when alone 


its fervour undisputed 

true love remains unshaken 

its diamond strength enduring 

its presence unmistaken 


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  • Tom C Dylan

    Absolutely love this. Wonderful sentiment and so well written.

    • Cassie58

      Thank you for a very encouraging review. You are appreciated Tom Dylan.

    • Introverted Sage

      Beautiful write!

      • Cassie58

        Thank you for a very positive review. Much appreciated, Inverted Sage.

      • Bella Shepard

        This poem has such a wonderful rhyming pattern and flow, perfect stanzas, that it begs to be read aloud. You capture love in all of it's elements, and it is beautiful!

        • Cassie58

          Dear Bella thank you for a lovely review. So pleased you enjoyed my efforts here. I appreciate you stopping by.

        • Accidental Poet

          I agree 100%. Well written Cassie. 😉👍

          • Cassie58

            Thank you AP. I appreciate your positive review. Pleased you stopped by.

          • Goldfinch60

            So very true Cassie, love is the strongest emotion in our lives.


          • Neville

            This is one o them Tina Turner poems, aint it, simply the best ..

            • Cassie58

              What a lovely thing to say. Now she WAS simply the best. Could really belt out a song. No second hand emotions there. She wore her heart on her sleeve. Thank you for Tina and for stopping by to say hello Neville. ☔️ Another umbrella day 🙂

            • jim56

              beautiful poem well written
              brilliant xx

              • Cassie58

                Thank you Jim for leaving me such an encouraging review. Much appreciated.

                • jim56

                  your welcome keep writing xx

                • Neilton

                  wow !! what a beautiful poem!
                  i completely agree with you!

                  • Cassie58

                    Thank you so much for stopping by with your words of appreciation. Have a lovely day.

                  • Thomas W Case

                    You paint a beautiful picture.

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