A Blue Christmas


The wind is cold on this December night

but not as cold as her bed

To be alone on Christmas night is quite a fright

Laying their lifeless, dead

She never thought it would happen

Leaving him is like free falling

Running to the edge, her face began to darken

Freedom is singing her name, it's calling

But she misses the warmth of her bed

The comfort of another

Being alone is a feeling she dreads

Yet the adventures she could discover

If she were to take the jump

Her heart begins to race, the blood begins to pump

She will begin to fall at this rate

But she isn't sure, she begins to hesitate

Could she turn back, lean in to forgiveness

Oh what a confusing, Blue Christmas


The cold winter night

Oh what a beautiful, sad sight

The lights shine on water drops

Slowly dripping off the windshield

She holds her tears back, wishing they would stop

She lifts her chin, lips sealed

Surrounded by people that love her

The season of joy, yet she's in a Blue December

Pain inflicted, burdened like weights

He who caused her delicate face

to flush from anger

Eyes like the ocean began to water

The cold wind strips the feeling of warmth

Takes her joy, all the way north

She misses him

Even when he makes her light dim

She knows she deserves to be told

That her beauty is more valuable than gold

She knows she deserves to be held

Even when her smile is withheld

She knows she deserves more

Because her ocean eyes shine brighter than the north star

Yet here she is

Dealing with the same old same old

Still wanting her bed to not be cold

She feels there's still unfinished business

Oh what a tragic, Blue Christmas


Some learn to dance in the rain

She lays in the snow

Some know it's okay to feel pain

But she who is broken will never let them know

Her warm tears make puddles

While all she can think about is his cuddles

She feels lost, running away with nowhere to go

The wind sings a beautiful hello

Her face is red and her tears are nearly frozen

She begins to tremble hoping no one will notice

Her mind is a blizzard

Her petals have began to wither

She wants to go back, and enjoy the spring

But that's the thing

The season of winter is cold and lonely

It brings back memories of what ifs and if only

The season to reminisce

On the people you care for and miss

While it's also the season of joy and giving

All she feels is

Lonely on this sad, Blue Christmas


On this chilly December night

The moon is full, and oh so bright

A beautiful reflection on her ocean eyes

Conflicted with betrayal and lies

Being told she's someone's she not

Left her with her throat tight, swollen with knots

She feels the need to defend yet she chokes

Getting through to him is a hoax

The strong woman beaten down by neglect and disrespect

Makes her wonder if he ever really loved her

On cold nights like these, in the middle of December 

When the wind is cold and fierce

Striking her face, like knives that pierce

She begins to think

Of haunting thoughts, her heart sinks

The thought of loosing him

Tears her apart, limb by limb

Like starving wolves, they're oh so vicious

What a terrifying, Blue Christmas


On nights like these

Where many begin to freeze

There is always a warmth

Even in this chilling north

The feeling of friendship

That can curve a lip

That was once a sunken ship

When you have lost all you've known

When you have lost the one you have shown

Your good and your bad

You feel lost and desperately sad

You have nowhere to run

Yet, in the sky, there is an appearance of the sun

The woman once terrified to leave her bed now cold

Found comfort in her friends

She distanced herself from many and told

Everyone she was fine

But the true ones stayed

And gave her the courage to shine

She who was plagued will soon leave this sickness

And say goodbye to this cruel, Blue Christmas




  • Author: Jenna J. Prochaska (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 27th, 2024 21:38
  • Comment from author about the poem: this is for my best friend going through a divorce 💙
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 3
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