Poetic Injustice

Alan R


Me and these tempting English letters, we can't 

Seem to have enough of each other

Surreal placements, positions

Jaded with predispositions

Pouring through my eyes

Beyond comprehension

Or need, I write about

What I cannot define



I try to cheat, I borrow some languages 

Borrowing the time and the space

Of people capable of thinking

In multiple languages, ways

Their minds, their words

With my insatiable lust

In one, or many forms



Combined biases, my perspectives

With my human limitations

People help me reason 

This meat, sometimes

They don't have to 

I know I am bound



To this life, one that's short

"Quit selling me short"

I say to these lines 

But they run short 

Of me, this body



It's capacity, it's zeal, time

I have things to say, but

I don't do justice to

The things I say



Do you really know?

What I mean is





...And it will end

With my







  • Author: Alan R (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 28th, 2024 00:17
  • Comment from author about the poem: Sometimes, the human body, human perception of time and space, the shape of human life, can be the limitations to the human potential of composure. I can feel so much more than what I can express and recreate, accurately.
  • Category: Reflection
  • Views: 10
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  • Doggerel Dave

    I'm full of admiration for the time effort and tenacity which must have gone into that piece of yours.
    I'm just a little unsure of the message.

  • Alan R

    Thanks for reading and being so patient with it 😊 Its a poem about how incomplete my writing feels to me. It's about how I am unable to fully describe what I want to describe, no matter how many different ways I try, to do so. Human language limitations, biases, strengths and weaknesses, make me feel, incompetent in expressing the things hard to define...The plethora of feelings...so hard to contain and describe at times...specially when I write...Time also feels like a limiting factor....for eg. When I write about love, it never fully describes all that my heart feels.

    • Lorenz

      Just dare and don't care !

      • Alan R


      • Soman Ragavan

        My comments on the poem "Poetic injustice” by Alan R.
        Language has its inherent limitations. It can only convey or say so much. It can never say entirely what we feel or think. Strangely, the unspoken words say more and are more impactful : the look in the eyes, the expression on the face… These have bigger and more lasting impacts. Tears, too, are more powerful than words. Tears are a powerful tool of babies. They don’t do it deliberately; it’s part of human instincts and human means of seeking help or attention. Soman Ragavan. 14 February, 2024.

      • Alan R

        Thanks for reading and for your comments...

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