My cabin


I live inside your shell

sheltered and safe from all outside

your veins once sent life from the soil's deep well

to emerald green, whose crown, in sun did abide


Having sucked the strength from the ground

with descending roots that griped the earth

ages of light transformed, now in rings abound

In a mighty oak's womb I await daily birth


From your aged creaking cracks, comes a lullaby

Instead of water, out of the soul's well, you absorb my tears

A protective mother, all threats you nullify

With walls of years you shield me from looming fears


From a cold hecatomb, your skeleton warms me

The beauty of your grain adorns my humble abode

your spirit of sacrifice lingers and will immortal be

I feel your life force, comforting me at the end of my road

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  • orchidee

    You hibernating in it?! lol.

    • sorenbarrett

      Only in the winter. It's summer here now. Thanks for the read Orchi

      • orchidee

        I keep forgetting. It's like UK August weather for you now, yes?

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      • arqios

        Log cabins are a rustic wonder!

        • sorenbarrett

          Indeed mine made of sawed planks is a haven on the edge of the forest where I spend half of the year. Thanks so much for the review.

          • arqios

            Would love to see her some time!

          • Teddy.15

            I cannot choose a favourite line or stanza, Sir, your poetry is remarkable, and so too is your imagery and the inspiration that you share within your words. 🌹

            • sorenbarrett

              Thank you Teddy, once again I feel humbled, I think your remarks are too gracious. As I submitted this to another site, it wouldn't accept it, saying it was created by AI and I had to submit a certification that it was not before it was posted. How strange the day we live in. I always look forward to your comments my most humble thanks.

              • Teddy.15

                Maybe we can speak a bit about the fact that some people just cannot bring themselves to applaud such a fine poet, but I always believe that a true poet can appreciate the beauty and talents of another 🌹 I use the word hate for Ai as I find it takes away the humanity and the true gifts we have all been given to write and draw. Biggest of hugs dearest sorenbarret

              • Thomas W Case

                Tremendous work.

              • Bella Shepard

                Rich in imagery and emotional connection, for the tree that built the cabin, its essence ever present. Such an incredible refuge, and so beautifully described!

                • sorenbarrett

                  Thank you Bella your comments are always so welcome. thank you so much for the read.

                • Goldfinch60

                  Wonderful words and wonderful feelings to be in that cabin soren.


                  • sorenbarrett

                    Thank you Andy we all construct the cabins we live in. Your read and comments are deeply appreciated.

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