dragonfly hovers

darts, glides, pirouettes, dances

master of the sky

  • Author: sorenbarrett (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 12th, 2024 06:11
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • 2781

    It's an amazing earth, when you see...

    • sorenbarrett

      Nature is full of marvels thanks so much for the review and comment

    • arqios

      Splendid haiku Soren! Just the other week I was caught in a trance by a dragonfly, the first I’d seen for a couple of years. Perhaps I’ve been too busy with other things. So thanks for this lift!

      • sorenbarrett

        Thanks Cryptic I am in ahh of this insect that I see in multiple colors from red to green and blue and how they maneuver in the air with such dexterity. Thanks for the review and kind words

        • arqios

          And their eyes pierce soul and sensibility!

        • Soman Ragavan

          12 Feb 2024
          My comments on the poem "Dragonfly” by Soren Barrett. I am reproducing some of my previous comments.

          My comments on the poem “Dragonfly” by Lee Robert Poole

          “Even though you probably see the adult more often, dragonflies actually spend most of their lives in the larval stage underwater. The 5-7 years spent underwater gives them more than enough time to accumulate mercury in their bodies, making them great representations of that area.”
          One striking feature of the dragonfly is that it can hover for quite some time. Some other birds and insects, too, can do so. But, it is more noticeable with dragonflies. They are quite the nearest thing to a helicopter. They can move off very fast, almost in any direction. It is extremely difficult to catch one. Soman Ragavan. //
          I added the following to my message :
          They are extremely silent. I don't know any other flying insect that has two pairs of wings one of top of the other. These two pairs of wings probably explain how they can hover. Hovering is a terrific advantage. It enables them to stay at one spot and wait for some move or event before they do something. Other creatures have to move off and wait at a distance. ..... Soman Ragavan.
          ADDED: The dragonfly can stop immediately in flight, hover immediately and fly off immediately in any direction. This helps in hunting and in survival. The fact that at the larva stage it can stay for FIVE YEARS under water makes it a special case.
          Whereas a chopper appears to lumber while hovering and moving off, the dragonfly does it smoothly and instantly.
          It can hover even during rains. Its wings and body are fragile. Raindrops fall on its wings while it is hovering but do not destabilize it. It often hovers over rivers, canals and waterways.
          Dragonfly larvae require water to survive, so female adults are always searching for water habitats such as ponds, streams and swamps to lay their eggs. The eggs are laid directly into or close to water.
          How long do dragonflies live in water?

          Most dragonfly species mature into adulthood in one to three years, but some species of dragonflies can live in the water as a nymph (baby dragonfly) for over five years! Dragonfly nymph. 3 Jul 2019

          Soman Ragavan. 12 February, 2024.

          • sorenbarrett

            Thank you so much for the review and taking your time to send all this information, some of which I was aware and some not. Yes I observe them all the time and am amazed at their variety in color and form. Amazing creatures

          • Doggerel Dave

            I'm enraptured by a dragonfly when I rarely see them, Soren. And certainly not in the variety of colours (Sizes also?) or quantities you do. You have penned a fitting tribute.

            • sorenbarrett

              Thanks Dave I am only glad that I am not a mosquito navigating those skies. Thanks for the read and kind words.

            • orchidee

              Good write SB.

            • Teddy.15

              You make it look flawlessly easy (kudos) beautiful emotional and just a true joy to read. 🌹

              • sorenbarrett

                Thanks again Teddy your visits cheer my day and your comments are too kind. I throw in a few crumbs while trying to work out my next poem

              • Thomas W Case

                You paint the picture of the dragonfly perfectly. Superb work.

                • sorenbarrett

                  Thanks Thomas appreciate it.

                • Goldfinch60

                  So very true soren, dragon flies are wonderful to watch.


                  • sorenbarrett

                    Thanks Andy appreciate the read

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