Bobby O

At first, we have the understated introduction, avenues of plot ,
syntax that drops off before it hits exact and our minds are spinning with possibilities, braided twisted ,and rebraided metaphors, separate and ,highlight  moments  that may seem tiny but  later we understand .They are the ribbon that wraps around and curls and leads and clinches together what we need , individual moments of life with all the folly, all the bravery, all the aspects, the weakness, the strength, the loyalty They  are displayed in such a way that we can go back to review and see them from a prism like view, Scalene angles spotlighted  as if we were standing in a different place,! in elevated secret position .So with  an insight added to what we share  , Builds a  dramatic urge and everybody will clap and finally there is a goodbye of fidelity , a   final look, a wrap up of the emotions we have come to hug and embrace and sweat with and it’s OK cause it’s a Broadway play and how else could it end?

  • Author: Bobby O (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 18th, 2024 03:18
  • Comment from author about the poem: As an experiment, I didn’t write anything down. I just tried to freestyle it a stream of consciousness it took 55 seconds and I just left it the way it was and we often decide together we should do it again.
  • Category: Reflection
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  • orchidee

    Yep, that sure is some long lines there!

    • Bobby O

      As an experiment, I freestyle it and dictated it in the whole thing took 52 seconds to write so I left it the way it was

    • Teddy.15

      A superb piece, loved this twist at the end. Emotion imagery and so very inspiring speaking to me sending me inspirations almost as if you were literally just speaking to me. 🌹

      • Bobby O

        Dude, that is so cool your ear picked that up. Ii just turned and Mike and I decided to go with a freestyle scream of consciousness approach edit one take 55 seconds and then I sent it.

      • Bobby O

        Hey cool, we have labors of love in common. I wrote this piece for over six years. This is a video presentation of me speaking to how hip-hop and jazz are similar. I’d be honored if you gave it

      • sorenbarrett

        A great description of the process of writing a novel, song, or poem. A steam of consciousness that is so difficult to explain. Loved it.

      • David Wakeling

        Indeed how else can it end? It made me think.Well done

        • Bobby O

          All the credit should go to these women they keep hanging out with me. They’re way too young way too pretty I don’t deserve it but they keep visiting and it is an honor of their contributo to mankind that I try to celebrate with good poem here and there.

        • Thomas W Case

          Superb work. Very creative.

          • Bobby O

            Let’s go with that!

          • vividvoid14

            its awesome

            • Bobby O

              You’re way cool for a preteen

              • vividvoid14


              • Cloie

                This poem is a masterful exploration of the complexity of storytelling and the human experience. The imagery of braided metaphors and scalene angles provides a vivid picture of the intricacies within our lives and narratives. The closing lines evoke a sense of closure and catharsis, reminiscent of the end of a captivating Broadway performance. Bravo on capturing such depth and emotion!

              • Bobby O

                I’m not gonna be deal with fuck humility here I actually had an idea in my head and I never done this before. I turned onto Mike and I freestyle that poem 55 seconds I made no edits and I made no changes and it came out that way 55 seconds that I didn’t even know that it was gonna be a Broadway play till the end. I was just talking about an adventure somewhere I think maybe Disneyland lines and then later on, I thought the individual motions could be so different at a play, that’s a great way to put it on paper. Wow OK are you exactly your review was excellent. I asked you to be my friend that was like a level of understanding beyond like for a preteen is pretty good. You know what I mean teasing them teasing teasing thank you and be my friend because you write so good I’m gonna try to learn from you and thank you for having your really really great insight I appreciate

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