Watch Out

Thomas W Case

It's always the bat-shit, rabid dog-crazy 

ones that will put up a really
good front when you first meet them.
You're always amazed at how normal they appear.
They are intelligent, hold down jobs, drive Volvo's;
maybe they even have children that they
seem to take care of.  They pay bills,
celebrate holidays, and have houseplants.
They might even have a
dog a cat, or a sickly-looking bird in a cage.
But, just underneath the false facade of
lucid smiles, lurks a whack-job from hell.
They make Sybil and Lizzie Borden look
like Mother Theresa.

If you find yourself with one of these
women, don't confront them, it only
makes matters worse and could prove deadly.
Just smile and nod, and slowly back out
the door.  Don't stop until you see the
Pacific Ocean.  Get in and wash yourself off.
You're safer with the sharks and the riptide.

  • Author: Thomas W Case (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 20th, 2024 22:19
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  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Neville

    Heavens above thanks for the tip.

    • Thomas W Case

      Lol. Thanks for stopping by mate.

    • Goldfinch60

      True words in some cases Thomas but I have rarely come across them.


      • Thomas W Case

        Good deal. Thanks for the read.

      • Alan R

        whack-job from hell

        I am so loving this description 😂

      • Tom C Dylan

        Another great poem. Love the tone of your work, Thomas. And the last line just nailed it.

        • Thomas W Case

          Thank you, I appreciate it.

        • Doggerel Dave

          I think I'll give this one a big miss....

        • Teddy.15

          LoL fabulous, as a woman myself I'm chuckling away, my sister Mary is in this poem somewhere.

          • Thomas W Case

            Lol. Thank you, Tedy for reading and commenting.

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