A non believer given mass

Snakes cover every blade of grass 

When juggling with my heart of glass 

You dropped it on the floor 


The shards you buried in the mud

Ripped at the hands dispersing blood 

A missile by the name of scud

Is heading for my door 


My drawbridge down you cleared the moat 

Adorning beauty's overcoat 

You grabbed my feelings by the throat 

And killed them off once more 


You took it all and left me there 

To stand alone without a care 

The weight became too much to bare

My soul is what you tore


The danger signs were all too clear 

Is anyone who they appear 

The day of reckoning's drawing near 

And I don't know the score 

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  • Meera Mere

    Well penned peto......

    "You took it all and left me there

    To stand alone without a care

    The weight became too much to bare

    My soul is what you tore"
    Loved it thoroughly...

    • peto

      Thank you meera
      A lovely and much appreciated comment
      Many thanks my friend

    • Christina8

      Just a phenomenal write, Stevie! I love how you can keep the last line in each stanza to rhyme with the next. Once again, you have presented us with a sad poem but it's lovely how you show it to us. "When juggling my heart of glass; you dropped it on the floor" So descriptive.....I've had that happen a time or two. A very relatable and fantastic poem......once again!!

      • peto

        Thank you very much Christina
        We can but try
        I really appreciate your constant enthusiasm
        It's priceless and inspiring

      • Accidental Poet

        It takes a long time to trust someone Peto. And your poem here exemplifies that perfectly. Well done my friend. ๐Ÿ‘

        • peto

          Extremely grateful for such support AP
          Always a pleasure to see you
          Many thanks

        • Bella Shepard

          Beware the fickle lover, they dress themselves in sincerity, but in reality they are disengenuous to a fault. Exquisitely captured in this verse my friend.

          • peto

            Such a kind and encouraging comment
            I truly appreciate you
            Many thanks

          • GiftedT17

            What a great write I definitely can relate,job well done๐Ÿ™‚

            • peto

              Thank you gifted
              I truly appreciate your time
              Much obliged

            • Bobby O

              Extra descriptive. Evokes a pathos in the reader a sortof a reluctant kinship

              • peto

                Cheers Bobby
                Appreciate the visit
                Much obliged

              • Introverted Sage

                It's hard to trust people when so many seem to have ulterior motives.

                A quote by Goethe I have to remind myself of daily:

                'As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.'

                And you described just that perfectly... Because had we simply trusted our first instincts...

                Highly relatable write with a perfect flow

                • peto

                  Thank you very much sage
                  I totally agree
                  It all begins with self trust/love
                  Truly appreciate your support

                • Cloie

                  Your poem really packs a punch! With vivid imagery, it's like a whirlwind of emotions. It's a piece filled with raw and intense emotions that leaves a lasting impact. Great job!

                  • peto

                    Thank you cloie
                    Really appreciate such encouragement

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