A lonely girl consumed by fear 

Agreed when her six millionth tear

Screamed out the end is drawing near 

Afraid of how she feels 


Abandoned at an early age 

An epic's only torn page 

Her haven has become her cage 

Afraid of how she feels 


As shooting stars fall like the rain 

Sparks fly once more in lover's lane

She buttons up her coat of pain 

Afraid of how she feels 


A drifter out walking the land 

Is taken by the calloused hand 

He's fallen under her command 

Afraid of how he feels 

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  • JulesBurnsit

    I got the aural chills and nearly teared up. Love the repetition and meter.

    • peto

      Thank you very much jules
      Lovely to see you here
      Truly appreciate you reading
      Extremely grateful

    • Bobby O

      Allegorical w the meaning true to real events as naïveté and Disney endings shall not rest in the land once splayed by Georgie Best.

      • peto

        George best eh
        A genius of the highest order
        Of course in this part of the world football is everything
        Appreciate it Bobby
        Many thanks

      • Parisab

        To see her full story, even the ‘epic’s only torn page’ is a pure act of love! ‘He’s fallen under her command’ One doesn’t know of her faith, but his is a difficult path-sensitive and interesting concept and write…

        • peto

          Thank you parisab
          Always a joy to see you
          And read your in depth reviews
          I appreciate it more each time
          Extremely grateful

        • Cassie58

          Both of them afraid of how they feel. Love can bring out the best in people. Maybe they will have a happy journey of togetherness. I enjoyed my visit peto. I like happy endings.

          • Bobby O

            The beauty of poetry may lie within unrecognized contradiction. ie;
            I felt the end spoke to brutalized inevitability. In my mind the calloused hand symbolized her travails had wore her down and she is the snider without conscience extending her hand but only to trap the innocent and the syndrome of abuse lives on anew.

            • peto

              Glad to hear you enjoyed cassie
              Thank you for visiting
              I truly appreciate it
              Many thanks

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            • Bella Shepard

              Fear is at the core of life, in ways that we don't even realize. I love the way you have addressed it in this poem. A fine write my friend!

              • peto

                Too kind Bella
                I'm extremely grateful to you for continued wonderful support
                Thank you very much

              • Introverted Sage

                It seems like it could be a beautiful love story. Two that are afraid of love finding eachother.
                But it seems to have an ominous tone at the end, as if she may hurt him because of her unhealed past hurts.
                As always great flow and incredible write!

                • peto

                  Thank you sage

                • Christina8

                  Sorry I missed this incredible poem yesterday! The poem is very relatable especially in the beginning, just had to save to my faves! And the ending is so captivating!! Love the rhymes as always....Christina

                  • peto

                    So kind and supportive Christina
                    Can't thank you enough
                    Another wonderful comment
                    Extremely grateful as always

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