What's a Wish Worth?

Mason Vollman

What is this, of which I cannot see? The world and all its followers have forcefully blinded me. What is this, It just couldn't be? A world where all is calm and free, doesnt await to meet. What is this, this life of which we living? I feel like there's something more, but I don't know if my confusions given? What is this, a chance of rehabilitation? A second chance the Lord has made to help me lose this shake.
You know... I used to think it was to late. To late to redeem myself. The pain I've been caught up in. That the Lord would rate myself. I wish I only knew. If my eyes deceived thyself. That all this pain and shame that's been placed, came to break my health.
Oh, how I wish. How I wish I could support the weight. If those who wish to rely on me. I only wish that I knew, and I wish I could feel. I wish I could see, and I wish I could heal. I wish I could pray, and I'd pray that you'd help me kneel. That I can kneel at your feet. And feel what's real.
Maybe it's luck, or maybe I'm chosen. My face on the ground hands stretched out before your throne. The world is slowing down. I feel fatality grow near. Going well above a hundred, my eyes in the mirror. So as I sit here and wish. The things I wish I knew. If what I've seen is reality, or just a shot at humility. I wish there was a hand, to pull me out of the abyss. But I'm stuck here right know, and that's just the way it is.

Be it fate or cruel folly
Or just Wow! Betcha By Golly
Like a precious wish blown into thin air
my locked gaze now resembles a hypnotic stare
Fixated on memories and headstones as tears fill my glare
Wishing and praying that an afterlife is there
Just one more moment, my mother, her smile seems like that would make it all fair
One more moment and worries about truth or am I just snared
By a human construct so should I risk hell, do I dare

Not until death will I see what will become of me.
Will it be heaven, hell or the emptiness of eternity?
Until then I will not know where this consciousness will go
The best I can do is just watch the show.

If I watch the show
Who'll ever know
If I sit back and relax
I should question
What's a wish worth?
Is it worth my life
Gold or even maybe love
But I don't know

And a wish can be as simple as a loaf of bread
And somewhere safe to lay your head
Maybe it's someone to hold your hand
Or the search for somewhere safe to land
To get respite from a broken heart
And remedy the things that drive us apart
To be neither hunter nor be quarry
Or just someone to say I'm sorry

Wish we may,
Wish we might,
Consult the Lord.
Let's get things right.

Because with every wish I want to be embraced by you
To walk in the golden mornings dew
To take your hand and walk towards eternity
That's all I've ever wanted for me
So with One last wish I wish for your Love
To take me in your arms and rise above
So all my loved ones will feel my embrace
As my eyes forever rest upon your face

So as we sit and think about the past, The lovely things we thought would last.
The love we had, and the time we shared.
Who would have known I could ever care.
As confusion struck, and questions arose, What's a Wish worth...
Will we ever know?

A wish is a prayer yet to be born.

  • Authors: M.C. Vollmann (Pseudonym), Bobby O, sorenbarrett, Lil-M-M, Hugh, Valiantstar , A.D. Small, JDB
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  • Finished: April 7th, 2024 07:20
  • Limit: 9 stanzas
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  • Category: Forgiveness
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  • Mason Vollman

    Thank you, Bobby O, sorenbarrett, Lil, Hugh, 2871, A.D. Small, and JDB for participating. Beautifully written.😊🙏

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