The Pain Inside

Jeffery Lee Palmer

I knew I would make mistakes.

But never to these lengths
I never imagined I would hurt you this bad
Now, we smile as we pass, but I can't stand
nor imagine another man
holding your hand
I find myself at a crossroads
scanning through excuses like barcodes
I know I need to decide
If I should stay and fight
To make things right
But I don't want to hold up your life
I regret and selfishly mourn the loss of you
But in all fairness, you deserve a life, too
I walk the train tracks
Fighting the urge to look back
The vibration of the tracks
and rocks shifting
Reminds me I'm still living
I step out of the way but secretly
I want the train to hit me
It has always been about me.
Always wanting things to be easy
I treated you like a robot
Every kilowatt of energy I drained
could never be replaced
I saw the fuse was burned and broken
at that moment, I knew our love was dead
I never considered your end
The fact I was the luckiest man
I took my fortune for granted
I always thought you would stay
assuming you would never leave
It always depended on my day
If our relationship is would be okay
I treated it all like a game
I rubbed your feet and said the sweet things
Inside my heart strings were crossed
and I ended up paying the ultimate cost
Those nights, I got drunk and high
I never truly treated you right
​You have a tolerance
​Much higher than mine
When I watched you drive away
You didn't even look back at me
No eyes in the rearview
The shock hit right on cue
Your lips were all I could see
as your car sped away
those pink glossy lips
I will never be blessed to kiss
and I will eternally miss
All the promises of love
Choked out by the exhaust
-Jeffery Lee Palmer (Take Your Knife)
  • Author: TakeYourKnife (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 12th, 2024 14:55
  • Comment from author about the poem: I started compiling my writing into a collection I called the "Glass Fingers and Stone Hearts." I was prompted to post and publish my writings, so I came across this site and decided to start here.
  • Category: Sad
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