Aspire to be something more (than a bad poet)


I dreamed of being a basketball star but couldn't score

I wanted to be a model but was too ugly

Tried to be a musician but my rhythm was poor

Attempted to be honest but still lied so smugly


Studied to be a mathematician but was too stupid

Decided to be a hero but was afraid

Made moves to be romantic but killed cupid

Tried to be happy but for sadness did it trade


Desired to be good but was bad

Wished to be loved but was hated

Wrote a poem so poor it made everyone mad

Although berated, I am who I am, I stated

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  • Teddy.15

    And I don't believe a word of it, because you to me are all these things and more. Oh what a truly gorgeous write, you cannot pull the wool over my eyes today dear sorrenbarret 🤣 I find this to be the least egotistical and most modest of poems, and I believe you too are a true poet and gentleman. 🌹I very much enjoyed this creativity.

    • sorenbarrett

      Thanks Teddy you make me blush with your too kind comments. We are our own harshest critics but then we are the one that know us the best. If we are honest with ourselves we can see our faults and virtues better than outsiders. I so appreciate your encouragement Friend

      • Teddy.15

        Oh, that is why I am simply perfect in every way. (Wink)

      • 2781

        If we were to judge ourselves we wouldn't be judged x.

        • sorenbarrett

          Thanks so much for the read. Yes this is true for many then there are those that are their harshest critics.

        • Doggerel Dave

          Eva seen a man with his tongue poking through the side of his cheek? Wot a load of old cobblers poem, Soren - very much enjoyed.

          • sorenbarrett

            Thanks Dave for the encouragement. How easy it is to write a bad poem. This one was written just for that as the title states. It ranks a 1 on a ten scale with no professional similarity and very few images so I thought it would do.

          • Goldfinch60

            Wonderful words soren, we all would like to be better than we are and you have reached those places.


            • sorenbarrett

              Thanks Gold I appreciate the encouragement. Thanks for the read and comment.

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