Collective Communing


Tune: Herongate

('It is a thing most wonderful')

Parts of Psalms 13 - 17


13 v.5

I have trusted in your mercy

O come to me, and my help be

My heart it shall rejoice in you

In your salvation good and true


13 v.6

I will sing now unto the lord

Will praise Him, and will trust His word

Because He has with me dealt so

Bountifully, my heart does know


14 v.7

O that Israels' salvation

Were come from Zion, each nation

It would reach, the Lord He would bring

His people back they to Him sing


15 v.1

Who shall abide in this your tent?

Your tabernacle, come, repent

Turn to the Lord and so live right

Enabled by grace in His sight


16 v.6

The lines have fallen unto me

In pleasant places, here now see

And I too have a heritage

Goodly, as turns o'er each day's page


16 v.11

The path of life you will me show

Love, joy, contentment, I shall know

Fullness of joy in your presence

Pleasure at your right hand from hence


17 v.5

Hold up my goings in your ways

As each soul humble watches, prays

So shall my footsteps they not slip

I worship you in deed and lip


  • Author: orchidee (Online Online)
  • Published: May 14th, 2024 01:35
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